ASHEVILLE, N.C. (August 22, 2019)—Aeroflow Healthcare announced the results of a proprietary survey designed to stress the importance of communication between seniors and their friends and family as they age. The third-party administered survey polled 1,003 adults aged 60 or older living in the United States and was completed over a span of three days in July 2019.

Notable survey results include:

  • 64% of seniors would prefer assisted living to having their adult children care for them
  • 46% of seniors are concerned they may become a burden on their family
  • 54% of seniors would feel embarrassed discussing incontinence issues with friends or family
  • 52% of seniors would try to hide incontinence or lie about it rather than ask for help

The survey results suggest that seniors are more worried about inconveniencing their adult children than receiving the care they need and are willing to take considerable measures to avoid asking for help. This is directly supported by nearly half of seniors (46%) expressing concerns about burdening their children, more than half (52%) admitting they would try to hide incontinence issues, and nearly two-thirds indicating they would prefer assisted living over being cared for by their adult children.

“As people age and their bodies change, one of the most important things they can do is use their immediate network as a support system and openly communicate with those who care about them most,” said Mica Phillips, director of Urology at Aeroflow Healthcare. “Incontinence is a very common and natural part of aging, but many older Americans still feel embarrassed by a perceived loss of control and independence. Educating seniors on how common incontinence and other aspects of aging are will lead to normalization and works toward eliminating the associated feeling of isolation. Aeroflow encourages seniors to confront these issues with their friends and families. We will continue providing them with the products they need to comfortably manage their incontinence.”

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