ASHEVILLE, N.C. (June 3, 2019—Aeroflow Healthcare, a provider of durable medical equipment (DME), announced partnerships with PacificSource of Oregon and BCBS CareFirst. Partnering with these two insurance carriers expands Aeroflow’s presence and ability to serve new patients throughout the United States, providing durable medical equipment products and services to the individuals who need them most to maintain a high standard of life.

Aeroflow will provide PacificSource patients in Oregon, Idaho and Montana, along with CareFirst patients in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland with advanced medical equipment at little to no cost through insurance. These products include but are not limited to breast pumps, incontinence supplies, pediatric nebulizers and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices and supplies.

PacificSource will provide moms with upgraded breast pump options, empowering them to choose the breast pumps that best fit the individual needs of themselves and their babies. Both its commercial and coordinated care lines of business are eligible for upgraded breast pumps.

“Aeroflow strives to partner with insurance carriers such as PacficSource and CareFirst that place an emphasis on patient comfort via accessibility to the highest quality of product and services,” said Shana Fox, senior strategic partnerships associate at Aeroflow Healthcare. “Partnering with organizations that share our commitment to improving patients’ lives and establishing excellent customer support furthers Aeroflow’s mission and helps us to serve more patients in the American northwest and mid-Atlantic.”

Aeroflow will continue seeking opportunities to partner with insurance networks to expand its geographic footprint and grow its patient base throughout the U.S. Recently, Aeroflow announced that it established relationships with multiple insurance carriers in New York, a demonstration of its partner trust as well as growing consumer demand.

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