ERLANGER, Kentucky—Adaptive Imports has a new president and clinical director: Melissa “Missy” Tally.

Tally will oversee the United States sales and distribution of complex rehabilitation equipment brands including: Jenx, Hoggi, Krabat, SafeSpaces and HeadOvations. She will will focus on support for Adaptive Imports’ national team of independent sales representatives, customers, assistive technology professionals (ATPs), clinicians and referral sources.

Tally is also tasked with the development of continuing education modules, the support of large events including Adaptive Imports' presence at the International Seating Symposium, educational conferences and regional equipment expos.

Tally received her master's of physical therapy in 1998 from the University of Kentucky. She has spent her 24 year career at the Cincinnati Children's Perlman Center, a multi-disciplinary therapy program that includes an assistive technology evaluation center for patients with complex neuro-motor diagnoses, where she has been a clinical coordinator for the last 13 years.

She has extensive experience with early intervention, including a multi-disciplinary group therapy approach and evidence-based practice with parent coaching, early diagnosis and task-specific interventions. She is a certified ATP and has been the lead therapist for the Perlman Assistive Technology program, where she consults with her clinical and medical team and collaborates closely with equipment suppliers and manufactures to ensure proper access to complex rehab technology and justification.

She was key in implementing a 24-hour positioning plan of care program that focuses on a detailed assessment of the use of adapted equipment to enhance the life of patients and families in all environments and throughout every stage of life. She has presented at the local, academic and national levels and been author on various topics related to early intervention, complex rehab equipment, evidence-based practice and advocacy.