CARY, N.C. (March 2, 2021)—To better meet current demands in the health care industry, Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) has developed two new distinctions for DMEPOS-accredited organizations. The Distinction in Clinical Respiratory Patient Management, a recognition that allows providers to demonstrate expertise in managing respiratory conditions, and the Distinction in Custom Mobility, a designation that recognizes first-rate providers of custom mobility products, will further help providers demonstrate their commitment to patients’ quality of life.
Each of these distinctions is available to providers accredited under the ACHC DMEPOS program.
“By offering these groundbreaking distinctions, ACHC provides innovative solutions to address healthcare market needs of specialization and differentiation that complement accreditation,” said Tim Safley, DMEPOS program director for ACHC. “Such subspecialties are unique in their design and enhance national efforts to reduce hospital readmissions. A distinction award recognizes providers who exceed industry expectations for high-quality patient care.”

Distinction in Clinical Respiratory Patient Management
Encompassing the assessment, treatment, disease management, and education of respiratory conditions, this distinction helps licensed Respiratory Care Practitioners (RCPs) and other qualified healthcare professionals distinguish their expertise in ongoing, home-based patient respiratory care. The Distinction in Clinical Respiratory Patient Management (CRPM) must be earned in combination with ACHC Home/Durable Medical Equipment (HME) Accreditation.

The distinction focuses on a collaborative approach to respiratory management that facilitates results-based measures and improved clinical outcomes, which can lead to reductions in hospital readmissions and enhanced quality of care. By emphasizing documentation and coordination with the patient’s healthcare team, the CRPM distinction helps providers better address comorbidities in the plan of care and facilitate more seamless hospital discharges – leading to better patient outcomes.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has raised public awareness about respiratory health and related specialty care services, making the ACHC Distinction in Clinical Respiratory Patient Management a key way in which organizations can distinguish the quality of care they provide,” Safley said.

Distinction in Custom Mobility
This distinction recognizes providers of custom mobility products who are committed to improving patients’ activities of daily living and health-related quality of life. The distinction must be earned in combination with ACHC Complex Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Supplier (RTS) Accreditation, which primarily addresses wheeled mobility, seating and alternative positioning, ambulation support, environmental control, augmented communication, and other assistance patients need to perform daily activities.

The distinction standards focus on the creation and maintenance of treatment plans, goal and outcome monitoring, patient follow-up, and documentation to prevent complications, ensure patients maintain/improve mobility, and improve patients’ quality of life. As payers demand more provider involvement in the ongoing care of patients, the Distinction in Custom Mobility demonstrates accountability and dedication to better meet the specific needs of each patient with custom products and documentation of the patient’s response to services provided.

“Achieving these distinctions enable ACHC-accredited healthcare organizations to advance quality patient care and appeal to managed care organizations for their efficacy,” Safley said. “These exclusive ACHC distinctions exemplify our commitment to provide market-leading solutions that meet customers’ full accreditation needs and improve patient care.”
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