MINNEAPOLIS (June 2, 2021)—Accra, Minnesota’s largest homecare provider, and Minnesota Community Care, a St. Paul-based clinic that provides full-service health care for all people regardless of income or insurance status, are partnering to revolutionize the way Medicaid enrollees access health care in Minnesota.

Using homecare-assisted telehealth appointments and in-home care management provided by Accra, Minnesota Community Care’s physicians will have more information about the full daily experience of their patients, and patients will get help following physicians’ orders at home.

“Our goal is to extend health care clinics directly into homes, by enabling homecare-assisted telehealth visits and in-home care management,” explained John Dahm, president and CEO of Accra. “In-home care management seeks to identify services beyond primary care to extend the patient’s ability to live successfully in the community.”

“This homecare partnership transforms care delivery with a focus on patients who seek primary care from the comfort of their homes,” said Reuben Moore, president and executive officer of Minnesota Community Care. “This has the potential to remove access barriers, improve clinical outcomes and reduce the total cost of care.”

Both nonprofit organizations primarily serve people with barriers to care, including children and adults with disabilities and older adults. Many clients often find it difficult to visit a clinical location, especially during the pandemic, and need additional help at home to maintain their health.

During COVID-19, the two nonprofit organizations realized that they could improve their clients’ health care outcomes through home-based telehealth visits and in-home care management.

Accra nurses bring technology into the home and gather appropriate clinical data prior to connecting to Minnesota Community Care physicians and clinical care providers, and homecare providers help clients follow through with their medical plan. This allows for a high-quality clinical visit in the home and reduces the challenges of stand-alone telehealth visits.

Additionally, by working together, doctors and in-home caregivers are able to identify other factors that impact overall health, such as adequate nutrition, drug adherence or isolation. Together they can then call on other community partners such as food shelves to remove barriers and improve patients’ overall quality of life.

Visit accrahomecare.org for more information.