As cost pressures continue to impact the home medical equipment (HME) community, AAHomecare is launching two nationwide surveys to gather intel on the rising costs of products, shipping and labor for those providing disposable medical supplies to end users; aggregated information will be used in advocacy efforts.  
Suppliers who provide the following product categories should take the respective surveys:

The surveys are open until Friday, April 14.
“AAHomecare’s Medical Supplies Council is acutely focused on issues impacting the disposable supplies space and wants to empower the industry with data and tools that can be leveraged to educate payers on today’s market realities,” said Ashley Plauché, AAHomecare’s director of membership & public relations. “Information from surveys like these help breathe life into our messaging on the need for sustainable reimbursement to preserve the HME infrastructure and ensure end-user access.”
AAHomecare said these surveys build upon the momentum from last year’s incontinence survey which resulted in a powerful infographic and letter to Medicaid directors. Suppliers were also able to leverage this information in individual contract negotiations with their payers including MCOs, commercial plans and others. 
For additional information on the survey or AAHomecare’s Medical Supplies Council, contact Ashley Plauché at