—Via AAHomecare—WASHINGTON, D.C. (August 15, 2017)—On account of requests from several providers to extend the deadline to enter 2nd Quarter 2017 HME Audit Key data, the survey will remain open until Friday, August 25.

In addition, some participants have reported issues with the Audit Key reporting tool available for Brightree users—please email gordonb@aahomecare.org if you have not been able to get 2Q 2017 data from that tool, and we will update you when that issue is fully resolved.

We appreciate the support that the HME supplier community has shown for the HME Audit Key in its initial stages of development and deployment. Additional participation will allow us to better demonstrate the effects of overly burdensome HME audits to regulatory agencies and Capitol Hill as we advocate for better audit policies.

Please note that individual data is not required to participate—the Audit Key does not require you to submit data on individual claims, but instead seeks cumulative counts of pre- and post-payment audits and appeal claim outcomes under DME MAC, RAC and SMRC reviews. The survey is open to all HME suppliers, and your data will only be used in aggregate form and never shared with anyone.

Learn more at hmeauditkey.org.