An image of a man sitting in a power seat elevation wheelchair with a woman walking beside him.
Photo Credit: Jazzy Air MED, Pride Mobility
Why more power wheelchair users should consider power seat elevation
by By Julie Piriano

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) deemed power seat elevation equipment used on power wheelchairs to be a covered benefit for dates of service on or after May 16, 2023. This presents a significant opportunity for the senior population—which is growing at the rate of 10,000 per day—and the durable medical equipment (DME) providers who serve them.

Julie Piriano has worked in the seating and wheeled mobility industry for the past 37 years. She is vice president of clinical education and rehab industry affairs at Pride Mobility and serves as the company’s compliance officer. She presents nationally and internationally on seating and wheeled mobility with a focus on evaluation, documentation and clinical applications of available technologies. Piriano has served on the RESNA board of directors, currently serves as the chair of the Professional Standards Board and is an active participant in the Wheeled Mobility and Seating SIG and the PT PSG. She is a Friend of NRRTS, member of the American Association for Homecare Complex Rehab and Mobility Council, the APTA and the Clinician Task Force. She serves on several committees for the National Coalition on Assistive and Rehab Technology, the DMEMAC Advisory Councils, the boards of several state associations and the Mobility Management Editorial Board. Contact her at Visit