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SeniSeni Care Personal Care Gloves

Skin care products designed for the care of sensitive skin exposed to irritant factors. The personal care gloves are dry and disposable, made of soft, nonwoven material recommended for use with Seni Care cleansing body cream. Apply cream to the glove or soiled areas, spread gently and wipe away residue with other side of glove after approximately one minute. Do not rinse to leave a delicate film on the skin. Visit

“CurrentTranquility Male Guard


Contoured to fit a man’s body, protect against leaks and provide freedom to get back to life. The soft, absorbent core draws fluid in, reducing odor while protecting sensitive skin from rash and breakdown. The side elastic and comfortable cup shape create a firm barrier against leakage. The cloth-like, moisture-proof backing and adhesive strip allows the guard to be securely worn in snug-fitting underwear without adjusting or leaking. Latex-free. Visit

BedpanBedpan Kit with Super-Absorbent Pad


Allows caregivers to reduce the number of steps required to handle a bedpan, which helps reduce odors and the risk of splashing or spreading germs. Each kit features a bedpan support and six Hygienic Covers with an absorbent pad, which solidifies more than 24 ounces in seconds. The kit combines the characteristics of both orthopedic and regular bedpans and facilitates bedpan handling while being applicable to all users who need a bedpan. Visit

McAirlaids X-Top for Men


Specifically designed for the male anatomy and provides 360-degree leakproof protection to men suffering from incontinence. A pouch-like design promotes wearability. A secure, resealable tab provides easy adjustment so there is no shifting, slipping or leaks. SuperCore technology maintains optimal dryness by absorbing and dispersing liquids quickly. Offers three levels of protection so patients can find the best coverage. Visit