2016 Salary Survey
How your company’s payment structure and benefits compare with other health care providers
by HomeCare Editors

We asked, you answered. During the final months of 2015, we polled members of the HME and home health industries—YOU—with questions in our annual Salary Survey. We received more responses this time than in previous years, and we’ve compiled the results on the next four pages so you can see where your business falls in line. As the health care industry continues to evolve, business models must transition as well, giving more consideration to compensation structure and employee benefits. Our compilation of data—culled from responses of business owners just like you—breaks down our industry by the numbers.

Which common employee benefits do you provide (either fully or partially paid by company)?


Do you plan to discontinue any of these benefits in 2015?



During the past 12 months has your company:

Employment in health care occupations is projected to grow 19 percent between 2014 and 2024, which will add approximately 2.3 million new jobs. This growth is anticipated due to the aging baby boomer population and an increase in health insurance access due to federal health insurance reform.

–via the Bureau of Labor Statistics (bls.gov)



Have you laid off or added staff in the past 12 months?



How will your staffing change in 2015?



If industry conditions don’t improve, you plan to:



If you receive a salary or hourly wage, please list your annual salary or average hourly wage by the job that best describes your position.