Sunrise Medical/Humidifier Heater

DeVilbiss 9200D-I

  • provides add-on heated humidification option that is designed to work with the DeVilbiss 9100 Cool Passover Humidifier
  • features easy-to-use touch keypad and LCD display
  • features double-insulated two-pronged electrical plug; a DeVilbiss 9000 series CPAP may be plugged into and powered by the 9200D-I

Call 800/333-4000.
Web site:
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PARI Respiratory/Compressor

TREK Compact Compressor

  • designed for active patients who want to transport their aerosol treatments
  • features three power source options: worldwide AC, 12-volt DC and rechargeable battery
  • weighs less than one pound in AC mode and less than two pounds with optional battery attached

Call 800/327-8632. Web site:
Circle 201 or visit for company information.

Chad Therapeutics/Electronic Oxygen Conserver

Oxymatic 411A

  • features built-in, aluminum-body regulator with brass components; provides every-breath delivery
  • features 1-6 liters per minute flow equivalency settings and 5 to 1 conservation ratio
  • features one control knob; weighs 1.2 pounds

Call 800/423-8870.
Web site:
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Ameriflo/Oxygen Regulators

Ameriflo Regulators

  • features anodized aluminum construction
  • features brass-sleeved interior for safety
  • can be laser-marked with provider's choice of color, logo and company-specific information

Call 800/976-2390.
Web site:
Circle 207 or visit for company information.

Respironics/CPAP System

REMstar Pro with C-Flex

  • C-Flex tracks and reacts to every breath throughout the night
  • features Encore Pro SmartCard and onboard Functional Outcomes of Sleep Questionnaire
  • has deluxe ramp capabilities that allow 0 to 45 minute time period with user-adjustable ramp start pressure

Call 800/345-6443. Web site:
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Mirage Vista

  • features one-snap elbow to allow mask to remain in place while detaching tubing
  • features pre-assembled, quick-release headgear with Breath-0-Prene
  • features multiple fit angles

Call 800/424-0737. Web site:
Circle 208 or visit for company information.

VIASYS Healthcare/Ventilator

Tbird Legacy

  • features built-in PEEP, flow triggering, adjustable bias flow, variable flow, time termination and synchrony of pressure support
  • features comprehensive monitoring package to eliminate external alarms
  • features turbine power; features internal battery

Call 800/231-2466.
Web site:
Circle 205 or visit for company information

Puritan Bennett/CPAP System

GoodKnight 420

  • weighs 1.5 pounds, can be carried in tote bag or briefcase
  • records up to 600 sessions of date/time usage data; designed for adult and pediatric use
  • detects persistent residual apnea, hypopnea or snoring events

Call 800/635-5267. Web site:
Circle 200 or visit for company information.

Newport Medical Instruments/Ventilator


  • designed for pediatric and adult use
  • features internal battery; features pressure or volume ventilation in A/CMV, SIMV and SPONT
  • features pressure support, back-up ventilation and built-in PEEP/CPAP

Call 800/451-3111. Web site:
Circle 203 or visit for company information.

CareFore Medical/Pulsemeter and CPAP Meter

CF450 Pulsemeter and CF400 CPAP Meter

  • CF450 determines if pulse-type oxygen-conserving device is working properly and delivering prescribed oxygen volume
  • CF400 tests CPAP devices to determine if they are delivering the prescribed pressure
  • CF400 requires only one test

Call 877/554-5400.
Web site: Circle 206 or visit for company information

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