Editor's Choice: The Sunrise Medical Standard Wheelchair Line Guardian Easy Care Wheelchair Family

  • features six models, from basic to high-strength lightweight
  • variety of styles, sizes, features and configurations available
  • components are interchangeable with other standard wheel chairs on the market

Call 888/333-2572.
Web site: www.sunrisemedical.com
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Manufacturer's Note:

“In speaking with our customers, we were often asked to provide a line of standard wheelchairs that offered industry compatibility at a competitive cost. Our new line of Guardian Easy Care wheelchairs provides our customers with an excellent alternative to many of the current standard wheelchairs on the market. Our customers now will be able to offer their clients a variety of manual mobility products unequaled in the industry. Whether our customers need a cost-competitive, industry-compatible wheelchair such as the Guardian Easy Care or a highly innovative lightweight product such as the Quickie Ti Titanium, we will have the solution.”
— Pieter Leenhouts, senior global product manager, standard mobility, Sunrise Medical, Longmont, Colo.

Computers Unlimited/Delivery-Tracking Software for the Field TIMMIE

  • features wireless download capabilities; works on a handheld personal computer
  • tracks orders, truck stock and customer cylinder balances for each driver
  • allows drivers to record serial and lot numbers, track rental deliveries, capture a customer's signature and print a receipt

Call 406/255-9500.
Web site: www.cu.net
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A&D Medical/Blood Pressure Monitor LifeSource UA-767 Plus

  • can measure blood pressure and pulse rate even during irregular heartbeat
  • automatically displays the last reading when monitor is turned on
  • automatically adjusts inflation level

Call 800/726-7099. Web site: www.LifeSourceOnline.com
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Quantum Rehab/Seat Cushion Spectrum

  • features extra-deep well
  • options include a twin-cell gel, multi-cell air or viscolastic foam insert
  • compatible with all Quantum seating and positioning products

Call 800/800-8586. Web site: www.quantumrehab.com Circle 496 or visit www.homecaremag.com for company information.

BioDerm/Urine Control Product External Continence Device

  • urine flows from the urinary opening into a drainage tube
  • made from a hydrocolloid polymer; designed to bond and avoid leaks
  • designed for men with active lifestyles

Call 800/373-7006.
Web site: www.BioDerm-Inc.com
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dj Orthopedics/Diabetic Walker Boots The DonJoy and ProCare Walker Boots

  • designed for patients with pre-ulcerative and ulcerative foot conditions
  • feature removable foam insole, breathable liner ahd inner bootie for positioning, and malleable boot uprights
  • designed to promote tissue repair

Call 800/321-9549.
Web site: www.djortho.com
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Mother Earth Pillows/Therapeutic Pillows Flax Pillows

  • retain heat from a microwave
  • small pillow designed to support lower back, shoulders or neck
  • large pillow features baffled sections to distribute flax evenly; designed for broad areas like hips and back

Call 800/344-2072.
Web site: www.motherearthpillows.com
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FLA Orthopedics/Women's Compression Trouser Socks Activa

  • available in two patterns, and in the colors tan, navy and black
  • features graduated compression 15-20 mm Hg; microfiber construction
  • features non-restrictive top band, non-binding balloon toe

Call 800/327-4110. Web site: www.activahosiery.com Circle 493 or visit www.homecaremag.com for company information.

Ferraris Group/Electronic Peak Flow/FEV1 Meter PiKo-1

  • smaller than most cellular telephones
  • measures PEF and FEV1
  • stores 96 sets of test data, which may be downloaded to a personal computer

Call 800/574-7374.
Web site: www.treat-asthma.com
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Altimate Medical/Youth Stander EasyStand 5000 Youth

  • accomodates adolescents ranging in height from 4 feet to 5 feet 6 inches, and adolescents weighing up to 189 pounds
  • available with a desk feature that allows users to access tray from sitting and standing positions
  • supports users in all positions, from sitting to standing

Call 800/342-8968.
Web site: www.easystand.com
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