Updating the List In the article From the Editor, (HomeCare, April 2003), I noticed the Arizona Medical Equipment Suppliers Association (AZMESA) was not

Updating the List

In the article “From the Editor,” (HomeCare,
April 2003), I noticed the Arizona Medical Equipment Suppliers
Association (AZMESA) was not listed. If you could help us inform
providers in Arizona of this newer organization, your help would be
greatly appreciated. I have enjoyed your magazine from when it
first started and would like to thank you for all of the
information you provide to our industry.
— Wade Hendrickson, president, Hendrickson Healthcare,
Rock Rapids, Iowa; and founding member of AZMESA

Editor's Note: AZMESA may be reached by telephone at
651/439-2944 or by e-mail at

In a recent issue, you published names of state associations.
Ours was left off the list. I am forwarding it to you so that if
you ever publish it again, we can be included. We have been very
active in the competitive bidding arena and in the fight to protect
our patients from devastating Medicaid cuts. Thanks so much —
keep up the good work!
— Tara M. Modisett, staff, and Rebecca Snead, executive
director, Virginia Association of Medical Equipment Companies
(VADMEC), Richmond, Va.

Editor's Note: VADMEC may be reached by telephone at
804/285-4227, by e-mail at
target="_blank">VADMEC@vadmec.org, or on the Web at

More Sleep Apnea Resources

Thank you very much for running the article “Snoring and
Headaches Are Linked, According to Government Study”
(HomeCare Monday, May 5). The American Sleep Apnea
Association has been noting for years that morning headaches may be
a symptom of untreated sleep apnea. In fact, it is one of the
presenting symptoms noted on the Web site in our section for health
care professionals at www.sleepapnea.org/promemb.html and listed on our
display taken to medical meetings such as the American Academy of
Family Physicians. Morning headache is also included as a symptom
of untreated sleep apnea in our general brochure for patients

Each day the ASAA works to educate both the lay public and
health care professionals about the symptoms of sleep apnea,
including — besides morning headache — snoring, falling
asleep easily and/or sometimes inappropriately, feelings of
depression, memory problems, and high blood pressure. Most people
with sleep apnea are undiagnosed and therefore untreated, and it is
the ASAA's mission is to change that state of affairs: All with
sleep apnea should be diagnosed and treated properly.

Home care companies can get more information about sleep apnea,
for themselves and for their patients, in the section for health
care professionals in home care at www.sleepapnea.org/homecare.html.

Thank you again for helping to teach more people about sleep
— Christin Engelhardt, American Sleep Apnea Association,

Editor's Note: For more on sleep disorders, see this month's
Market Analysis on page 44

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