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Change your attitude to change your latitude
by Mike Sperduti

I know you want it. You think about it all the time. Is it just fantasy or do you have the courage to take it and make it yours? Can you really handle it?

“It” is of course success and the business and financial goals you say you want to accomplish this year.

Of course you want to be successful in 2021 and you have goals you want to accomplish. Perhaps you want to double your business, expand your geographic footprint, go national or acquire a new product line. Maybe—with all the crazy that happened last year—you want to provide a better work/life balance for your family or start a new career. No matter what your goals are, 2021 will be a challenging year and very few will be successful; many will fail and be financially devastated.

The real question is: Will you be a casualty or a success? How do we avoid failure? What do we have to do to have a great year, to survive, to prosper, to live life on our terms and to achieve our financial goals and independence?

Know How to Respond

It’s up to your energy and your brain. Your thinking and psychology will play the biggest part in determining your success or failure this year. If you believe that external factors like COVID-19, new health care legislation or other people are responsible for what happens in your life, then you are handing that power over to them. If these factors are responsible, then you can’t make it right; only a change in situation can. The first step to having the best year of your life is to take responsibility for everything—what you have, what is going on and who can fix it. You aren’t always to blame for what happens, but you are always responsible for your response.

The life and business you have now has far less to do with external experiences than with the way you responded to them. It is easy to say that you are where you are because of the economic climate or another person. The results you’re currently getting—good or bad—are due to the thoughts you have and the decisions and actions they lead to.

If you haven’t already noticed, there are people who blame the whole world for what befalls them. They always have an excuse and a story. They have a terrible job due to their difficult teenage years, they can’t get promoted because the boss is a moron. What their subconscious mind is saying is that they are scared to create success in their endeavors.

Who brought the anger, resentment or boredom to the situation? It wasn’t there when they started. If they would admit that they are responsible for where they are and where they are going, they would then be in a position to change their life. They could start to make choices about the kind of life, career and business they want. Giving up the reasons, blame and excuses would result in achieving the success they have been searching for.

A Blueprint for Success

Here are three things you can do this year to have a successful year and kick some butt:

1. Get rid of all the negative & incompetent people in your life & business.

These folks are anchors bringing you and your performance down. Hire and hang around people who make you better.

2. Create a predictable, repeatable & profitable business model.

It is vital to know how to generate consistent outcomes in every area of your business. If you don’t know how—get help. There are really talented people out there who have the passion and expertise to make your biggest issues go away.

3. Invest in training, education & technology.

Good is not even close to being good enough. Either you’re the best at what you do, or you’ll find yourself out of business. Knoq that there is competition for everything. This thought should drive you to get better and smarter.

Finally, here is the blueprint I use to accomplish my business goals. I call it the Neuro-Linguistic Programming Ultimate Success Formula.

  • Specify what you want to happen: For example, set a goal like “Grow the business by 30%.”
  • Specify your present situation: Outline where are you now.
  • Specify your outcome: What is the result you want to achieve?
  • Specify evidence procedure: How will you know when you achieve your outcome?
  • Contextualize appropriately: Create specific milestones and timelines for each step and a completion date for your goal.
  • Check your resources.
  • Check on the fit with your business and your life.
  • Monitor results and make appropriate changes based on data and feedback.

If you take the time to thoroughly follow these steps, you are on your way to achieving your goals! If you end up missing your goal or temporarily failing (remember, you only truly fail when you give up), you will be proud of yourself for going for it and giving everything you got. You can make the proper adjustments to your plan. You will know it just wasn’t meant to be right now—but everything will work out as you navigate forward with your new plan.

So I’ll ask you again: How badly do you want success? Are you willing to think, act and do what is necessary?

Remember, it’s all up to you.

Mike Sperduti is an internationally recognized inventor, business growth expert and turnaround artist. He is CEO of The Mike Sperduti Companies; his entities sell health care products, services and technology in 47 countries through retail, online and clinical facilities.