There's little doubt that advancing technology will continue to mean new options for those in need of mobility equipment and residential surroundings

Conferences VGM's Heartland Conference Includes Call to Action: The population of Waterloo, Iowa, increased by 668 May 28-31, as attendees of The Heartland
As health care costs escalate, medical and technology providers are pooling resources to create affordable, cutting-edge solutions for patients recovering
Noteworthy Liko Forms Home Care Division: Liko of Franklin, Mass., a company that manufactures patient lifts and accessories, this month announced the
It's a town of history and current events, of patriots and politicians a place where promises seem more easily made than kept. Washington, D. C., is a
Pride Mobility Products/Lift Chair Gentle Line 358 Series Gentle Line series includes three chairs: the smaller GL358S, the medium GL358M and the large
Updating the List In the article From the Editor, (HomeCare, April 2003), I noticed the Arizona Medical Equipment Suppliers Association (AZMESA) was not

Mobility Inc./Shower Chair Shower Chair with Built-in Bidet features contoured seat bidet channels water from handheld shower head through funnel underneath
Anyone who has spent a Sunday afternoon struggling to decipher The New York Times' crossword puzzle understands the challenges that HomeCare's editors
FLA Orthopedics/Lumbar Support Thermal Lumbar Support features reusable soft gel pack that can be heated or frozen features plush, ventilated elastic
HomeCare's staff traveled the country this Spring to attend several industry events, including Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas, May 6-9; The Heartland Conference
It's July, and Congress is knee-deep in its consideration of Medicare reform provisions and development of a Medicare prescription drug benefit. With
It would be impossible to doze through the noise being made recently in the sleep-disorder-products market. What once was a small, overlooked product

What should the average dealer do if national competitive bidding for durable medical equipment becomes a reality? There are many opportunities available
Quick: What causes 1,550 traffic fatalities, 71,000 crash-related injuries and $12.5 billion in damages each year?* Drunk driving? Not exactly. Try drowsy
As many of you know, I was privileged to have been elected chairman of the board of directors for the American Association for Homecare at the Association's
One look at Cara C. Bachenheimer's dossier leaves no room for doubt about her dedication to the health care industry. A partner with the Washington-based