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Reacher Grasper Cane

Reacher Grasper Cane


The Reacher Grasper Cane is a walking aid that looks and functions like an ordinary cane but has a built-in grasper that can be deployed to aid in grabbing or picking up objects. The grasper has been ergonomically designed around the human hand—nimble and sensitive enough to pick up a piece of paper or a dime lying flat on the floor, but strong and rugged enough to pick up a full wine bottle. When not in use, the grasper is completely stowed away to provide a sleek, stylish and elegant cane that provides support and stability while on the go. Visit

Titan Hydroxyl  Generator

Titan 4000 & 2000 Hydroxyl/Vaporized Ionized Hydro-Peroxide Generators


The Titan Hydroxyl/Vaporized Ionized Hydro-Peroxide Generators each produce two reactive oxygen species (ROS), hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide. Hydroxide is thousands of times stronger than chlorine but safe to use around people and animals. It can deactivate airborne bacteria and viruses. The Titan 4000 and Titan 2000, when used in conjunction with the Hydroxyl Maximizer, will produce safe but effective levels of ROS to maintain low airborne and surface microbe counts in 4,000 square feet and 2,000 square feet respectively. Visit

Detecto Scale



DETECTO’s new SOLO-RI portable low-profile clinical scale is ideal for home health care weighing and has a 7.25-foot cable to the remote display, allowing for flexible patient use. The display may be wall-mounted or set on a countertop (mounting bracket included). An optional carrying case is available. The SOLO-RI features 550-pound weight capacity, body mass index, six AA batteries (included), USB port, audible beep confirmation and OneWeigh units locking in to pounds or kiligrams, and can be used in a wide range of medical weighing applications. The mother/baby mode factors the weight of infants and toddlers held by an adult. The compact size, light weight and battery operation allow it to be moved quickly wherever needed. Visit

Zippe Sphynx Wheelchair



Sunrise Medical expands the ZIPPIE pediatric mobility line with the ZIPPIE Sphynx. For busy families that are always on the go, this compact, portable wheelchair has static tilt and recline to accommodate various client needs. The Sphynx’s patent-pending one-step fold is easy and intuitive, quickly transforming into an ultra-compact package that will fit within a compact car trunk. Weighing only 28 pounds, the Sphynx can be easily lifted. Available tilt angles of 10, 20 or 30 degrees, and the back support can be quickly adjusted from 85 degrees to 100 degrees recline to assist with feeding, digestion, respiratory function and visual orientation. Visit