Omni Suspension for Luggie Scooters


Omni suspension supports the vertical movement of the Luggie scooter’s front wheels and the horizontal motion of the scooter. It reduces vibration and increases stability, whether indoors or out. This advanced feature is available on the Luggie Elite Plus 3 and Luggie Super Plus 3. Visit


GB120 Buzzaround CarryOn Scooter


The Buzzaround CarryOn fold-flat scooter features an infinitely adjustable tiller, full front and rear lighting, and a 300-pound weight capacity. The heaviest piece is 47.5 pounds. The CarryOn offers long-range coverage up to 18 miles with a lithium ion battery pack. An optional airline-friendly battery is sold separately. It disassembles into two pieces and is extremely easy to load into a car or SUV. Designed to take up minimal space, it’s 12 inches high when folded without the seat. Visit

Roadster 4

Roadster 4


The Roadster 4 is easy to disassemble into five pieces for transport and storage. The Roadster 4 has comfortable stadium seating that can be adjusted to a height of up to 18 inches above the deck. The adjustable tiller makes it easy to get on and off the scooter. This scooter features four wheels for added stability. Weight capacity is up to 300 pounds and the heaviest piece is 36 pounds. Visit

Baja Wrangler

Baja Wrangler 2 Scooter


The new Baja Wrangler 2 Scooter, which will be available summer 2022, features industry-leading, updated suspension for a much smoother ride. A steering dampener isolates the wheels from the tiller, reducing vibrations in the hands and arms. Other highlights include best-in-class dual drive off-road capabilities, 11 mile-per-hour maximum speed, independent traction and torque, 14.5-inch front and rear tires, a 350-pound weight capacity, improved heavy-duty seat post, full LED lighting package, black vinyl memory foam high-back seat with sliders, standard cup holder and more. Visit