Franchisers speak from experience
by Lauren Bittner

What should a franchiser look for when evaluating technology for its system? How should a business owner critique the technology a franchise has to offer?

A good, easy-to-access training program is really important, says Reem Aloul of BrightStar Care of Arlington, Virginia. “Think about video or a format that is easy to share,” Aloul said. “Look for things that are web-based.”

It has to be easy for patients to use, too, advises Mike Magid of Griswold Home Care. “The senior population needs to catch up. They didn’t grow up with it. Support the service in a way that it’s not intimidating to seniors.”

Try before you buy. George McGuire of Griswold Home Care in San Antonio, Texas, recalls the company went through four pilots of software before they chose their current option.

Look at key functionalities. “The core is scheduling, then billing,” McGuire said. “It should pull all data from the scheduling module and into billing. It’s always good to have an integrated invoicing and billing system. I can bill all of our clients in a couple of seconds.”

Review the technology’s reporting abilities. “There are key performance indicators,” McGuire said. “Can you customize the report? What works for one franchisee may not work for a competitor across the way. What good is the data if you can’t put it in a useful format?”

Jim Kearns of BrightStar Care emphasizes the importance of outcomes data. “At end of the year we want the first view in outcomes,” he said. “Then we are going to be able to see all franchisees. We will be able to see if we are delivering higher standards than our competitors.”

The options are numerous. “All can make your life easier or more difficult,” McGuire said.

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