A White Paper by Tractica
by Charul Vyas and Clint Wheelock
February 17, 2016


Digital health technologies are beginning to change the way healthcare is delivered. Advances in technology, such as wireless connectivity, sensors, and the growth of mobile devices, are allowing organizations to move to more of a virtual care model, and more regularly monitor patients on a remote basis. In addition, the growth in patient data is supporting certain types of digital health activities, including healthcare analytics and population health management.

Three main factors are driving the increased interest in digital health: a clear requirement to curtail increasing healthcare costs, the need to find new ways to handle the growing number of individuals with chronic diseases, and the desire to provide better and safer medical care. In addition, key players in the healthcare ecosystem are also searching for ways to better support aging populations and improve patient satisfaction. While digital health is by no means a silver bullet, if properly implemented and managed, it can provide a way for organizations to make progress on their goals.

This Tractica white paper examines 10 trends that are key factors in the ongoing evolution the digital health sector, including market forecasts for emerging technologies that will continue to shape the industry for many years to come. The trends reviewed in this paper are:

  • Return on investment is a top priority
  • The market is moving to a virtual care model
  • Digital health use cases are expanding
  • Telehealth video consultations are beginning to see strong traction
  • Remote patient monitoring is gaining momentum
  • Eldercare is a key application for digital and mobile health
  • Wearable biosensors, patches, and clothing are key emerging sectors
  • Biometrics will be widely used in healthcare
  • Data analytics are a key pillar of digital health
  • Artificial intelligence will be a key enabler of digital health capabilities

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