App Spotlight
by Mike McGill

Working outside the office provides many challenges, and health care and other professionals who work away from their brick-and-mortar stores rely on tools to streamline their duties while integrating workflow.

Live at Home Pro
To assist home accessibility providers working in the field, Accessible Home Improvement of America (AHIA), a division of VGM Group, Inc., developed the Live At Home Pro mobile app to offer certified providers and contractors in the home modification industry a new tool to streamline the on-site home assessment process. “There are many factors involved with creating a thorough and accurate on-site assessment,” said Jerry Keiderling, president of AHIA. “The app was developed to provide a solution for evaluators looking for an easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant assessment and sales tool that can navigate the user through the process.” Among other features, the Live at Home Pro app provides evaluators with on-site home modification recommendations. The app directs users through as many as 16 assessment categories including Primary Entrance, Hallway, Bathroom and Kitchen. The evaluator works through a series of assessment questions for each category. The app allows evaluators to take photos, insert recommendations, generate proposals with pricing and send proposals electronically. “We are much more efficient in our assessments,” said Shannon Martell, accessibility specialist with Safe Living Solutions. “We have found that we are able to share and collaborate very easily with each other in order to come up with the best solution for our claimants. The app helps tremendously as it ensures we double-check anything we might have missed.” For Jacqi Dix, president and CEO of Personal Access Solutions, the Live at Home Pro app has been integrated into their on-site assessments. Dix mentioned that the app can remind the evaluator of questions to ask and helps the less-seasoned evaluator cover all the bases. “With the app, we can turn around our estimate more quickly. The evaluator completes the assessment and sends it directly to the manufacturer while still on-site,” Dix said. “We typically have a quote from the manufacturer before the evaluator gets back to the office.” The app is available to all home modification providers. More information is available at