The intersection of financial viability, operational stability & compliance
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May 2nd, 2024
2 p.m. Central

With narrowing margins and ever-evolving regulations, establishing effective and efficient processes for revenue cycle management (RCM) is more vital than ever. Now is the time to ensure the financial viability and operational stability of your home-based care agency by achieving accurate billing and timely payments, all while maintaining compliance.

Join us as several home-based care experts discuss top RCM challenges, the repercussions of ineffective billing and financial processes, and strategies to reduce errors, improve cash flow and stay compliant.

Panelists will discuss:

  • The effects of electronic visit verification (EVV) compliance on RCM, ways to reduce the risk of penalties and steps to provide a complete audit trail

  • Strategies to align billing and financial processes with government regulations

  • How to verify eligibility and track utilization to avoid both overserving and underserving clients

  • The cost of rejected claims—not getting it right the first time—staff costs, cost to make corrections, cost of delayed payment, and more

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Brian Harris
Brian Harris
Vice President of Financial Consulting

Brian Harris has amassed over 13 years of homecare, home health and hospice consulting experience and utilizes his revenue cycle expertise to improve operations, reporting and cash flow for agencies across the country. Harris has operated as a chief financial officer and manager/director for various departments within provider organizations including finance, billing, insurance verification, authorization, intake, and orders tracking. Hehas also been an active speaker in the industry, serving as a presenter for NAHC, SimiTree educational webinars, key industry publications and state associations. Harris is also on NAHC's Payment and Reimbursement Committee.

Scott Overhill
Scott Overhill
Senior Vice President, Revenue Cycle Management and Transition Products

Scott Overhill has over 30 years of experience in the home and community care sector with a large part of his career in leadership roles at Complia Health. Trained in product management, product strategy alignment, project management, and business consulting, Scott was the primary architect of Complia Health’s Procura software. He also provided service and advice to enterprise home-based care providers in the U.S., Canada and Australia. Overhill has an ability to develop the skill sets of exceptional individuals and create high-performing teams, leading them to deliver on projects that are on time and profitable.



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