How to approach challenges and opportunities faced by their teams.
Sponsored by: AlayaCare
September 27th, 2023
2 p.m. Central

Homecare agencies are constantly working to boost efficiency, effectively manage resources, streamline processes and identify ways to grow their business. And most often, it is operations leaders who are charged with spearheading these major initiatives.

Join us for a special panel discussion to hear how several homecare operations leaders approach the top challenges and opportunities faced by their teams and how they manage to succeed while striving to maximize resources and minimize inefficiencies.

This lively conversation will cover:

  • Operational challenges and success stories: How to manage key functional areas like billing, scheduling, training, hiring and more to drive greater levels of success
  • Doing more with less: Business growth strategies, despite limited resources and market constraints, such as the caregiver shortage, complex payment models, government regulations, and more
  • Measuring success and performance: Top key performance indicators and other metrics to focus on for driving effective operations and improving efficiency
  • The role of technology: How to effectively plan and deploy technology to maximize resources and build effective workflows
  • Live Q&A: Get your questions answered throughout the event 



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