June 2003

Sunrise Medical/Folding Wheelchair Quickie Chameleon designed for quick assembly and features angle-adjustable seat sling features adjustable seat depth,
Last month at Medtrade Spring, I shared an elevator with an unhappy provider. Through 22 floors and frequent stops, she ticked off at least a half dozen
Legislative NYMEP Forms Coalition to Fight Cut for Dual Eligibles: In its ongoing battle to block a state budget cut that would reduce Medicaid reimbursement

Las Vegas Attendance at Medtrade Spring has more than doubled since 2001, despite a downturn in the U.S. economy. Approximately 7,700 people flooded the
Attention, everyone entrenched in the fierce debate over the finer points of scooter sales and production: Take note of the comeback scooters are making
The Office of Inspector General in April issued a Special Advisory Bulletin about joint-venture arrangements between mail-order pharmacies and home medical