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There’s never been a better time to do it
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If you’ve ever considered starting your own homecare business, there’s never been a better time than the present. Demand for homecare is on the increase as the population ages, with many seniors preferring the option of remaining in their own homes. As anyone in the industry will attest, it’s a great way of making a difference in people’s lives, especially if you’re the type of person who likes to help others. And as a business that could be described as recession proof, it’s also one that can provide you with a comfortable income.  

Certified Homecare Consulting has been in the business of helping people start up their own home care businesses for the past 20 years, and the company stands out from the competition for a number of good reasons. Many homecare consultants offer franchises, which result in franchise and royalty fees. Certified Homecare Consulting, on the other hand, helps people set up their own businesses for a small, one-time fee.

As one of Certified Homecare Consulting’s satisfied clients comments:

“Certified did a great job getting us up and ready to open. There are other companies, but they are much more expensive. I am sure they can’t be as good as your company. I am very thankful I didn’t get sucked into a home care franchise. They want $35,000 to $50,000 in franchise fees & they sell you air and zip codes with 20,000 people. If you want to expand then you pay another franchise fee. On top of that you pay them 5% to 6% on gross sales forever. I would advise anyone thinking of getting into this business to hire your firm.”

Certified Homecare Consulting guides clients throughout the entire process of setting up a successful homecare business, a home health care business, a hospice business, a medical transportation business or an adult foster care business.

Starting a Homecare Business  

Certified Homecare Consulting can help you start a companion care, personal care or non-medical home care business, with or without accreditation. You will be shown how to get a homecare license in your state and how to provide care for patients who are paying out of pocket, through Medicare, private insurance or the Veterans Administration.  

There are no franchise fees or hidden costs, and a support team is standing by ready to help whenever needed, even after your business is well established.

Starting a Home Health Care Business

Working with Certified Homecare Consulting will guarantee success in setting up a home health care business. You will be shown how to get licensed and accredited for private duty or Medicare with CHAP or ACHC in your state. Whether you want to start a home health care business providing care for patients paying out of pocket or through Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, managed care, or the Veterans Administration, Certified Homecare Consulting will be there to guide you.  

It’s an easy, step-by-step process, thoroughly prepared by some of the best experts in the industry.  

Starting a Hospice Business

Certified Homecare Consulting guarantees a successful hospice business startup, guiding you through the journey of obtaining your state hospice license and everything else you could possibly need.  You’ll be shown how to provide care for patients paying out of pocket or through Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, managed care, or the Veterans Administration.  

Everything is prepared for you; just follow the steps provided, with no stress, no guesswork, and no extra expenses.  

Starting a Medical Transportation Business

If you’re considering starting a non-emergency medical transportation business, Certified Homecare Consulting can provide you with everything you need, and can guarantee you a non-emergency medical transportation license for your state. Regardless of whether you choose to provide transportation for patients paying out of pocket or through Medicaid, private insurance or managed care, experienced professionals will be there to lead the way.

Certified Homecare Consulting has set up hundreds of businesses over the years and are quite familiar with the steps needed to start from scratch.  

Starting an Adult Foster Care Business

Certified Homecare Consulting can guarantee your new hospice business will get licensed and Medicare accredited in your state. You will receive all the support you need no matter what type of setting you choose to help people in, for a reasonable, one-time fee.  Whether you want to provide care for patients paying out of pocket or through Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, managed care or the Veterans Administration, Certified Homecare Consulting is there to help.  

Why Choose Certified Homecare Consulting?

Certified Homecare Consulting owns and operates home health care businesses in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Texas, and the company has helped set up hundreds of successful agencies over the last two decades. Aside from the experience and expertise they have to offer, there are many excellent reasons to choose this company.

1. Customized Policy & Procedure Manuals
Every state, every accrediting body and every Medicaid program has its own standards that need to be adhered to. Buying generic policies and procedures will only create a great many difficulties, and is something to avoid at all costs. Certified Homecare Consulting guarantees that your agency will achieve state licensure and accreditation using the policy and procedure manuals that are appropriate for your business and your state. Each manual contains everything you need to establish your agency, allowing you to pass any state or government survey with ease.  

Certified Homecare Consulting policy and procedure manuals are professionally designed, edited, printed and shipped in hard copy and USB in Word and PDF format.
It’s interesting to note that these policy and procedure manuals are so highly regarded within the industry that they are often purchased by franchise companies for their own clients.  

2. Training & Support
Unlike many of its competitors, Certified Homecare Consulting requires only a single, one-time fee for its services. There are no hidden costs, and they don’t ask for a percentage of your business. Even so, the company provides in-depth home health care business clinical training that covers a multitude of relevant topics.  

The company also provides home health care consulting for the entire lifetime of your business. A team of experienced home health care consultants and experts are available to offer instruction, guidance and support from the get-go, even once your business is up and running.

3. Marketing Training
Some knowledge of marketing is essential if you want to scale up your business in order to help more seniors and increase your bottom line. The company offers marketing solutions that include website development, logo creation, brochures, flyers, Google and Facebook ads, and a lot more.  

Also offered are live three-day marketing training events held multiple times a year in different cities throughout the United States, all of which are consistently highly acclaimed by participants.  

4. Start-of-Care Admission Packets
Professionally produced start-of-care packets are an invaluable means of making admissions easier, faster and more efficient. Highly acclaimed by nurses, administrators and owners everywhere, these perforated packets help new or even well-established agencies become more organized with patient record keeping.  

Some Advice From the Professionals

Certified Homecare Consulting has been in the business for almost two decades. They have set up many agencies of their own across the country and have helped hundreds of new business owners successfully set up for themselves. There isn’t much they don’t know about the industry, and have some sound advice for anyone thinking about starting their own home care business:

  • Beware of home health care franchises, which ask you to pay heavy fees and royalties, not to mention an ongoing percentage of your income. By using the services offered by Certified Homecare Consulting, you’re setting up a business that will be one hundred percent your own. A single, one-time fee is all that’s required to get you started, which can be paid in easy installments if needed.  
  • Don’t be taken in by promises of “free leads.” This is a scam and the free leads never actually materialize.
  • Watch out for deceptive websites. Many so-called home health care consultants are just out to get your money. They post fake reviews and generic photos of people who are not part of their organization. Another popular ploy is the concept of a training weekend, usually set in a tropical location. Bear in mind that even if the training weekend exists—which it often doesn’t—you can’t possibly learn all the ins and outs of setting up a homecare business in one weekend.

Reviews & Testimonials

Certified Homecare Consulting has a solid five-star ranking and has received many glowing testimonials on Google and other social media sites over the last few years. Some of these reviews can be viewed on the home page of the website.

Certified Homecare Consulting offers the most reliable choice for starting up a new healthcare business. Visit the website at https://www.certifiedhomecareconsulting.com to contact them or for more information.