An Add-On Service for Senior Care Operators
How a service franchise can boost your business
Sponsored by: TruBlue Home Service Ally

With the demand for comprehensive care services surging, senior care operators are exploring innovative ways to broaden their offerings and provide holistic support to their clientele. One solution gaining traction is the integration of TruBlue Home Service Ally franchise into existing senior care businesses. Here’s why this integration is becoming popular among senior care operators:

  1. Capitalizing on Customer Demand: The demand for senior modifications and home safety is on the rise, allowing in-home senior care operators to seamlessly offer comprehensive solutions. This integrated approach fosters customer loyalty and maximizes revenue opportunities within the current client base.
  2. Leveraging Referral Networks: TruBlue relies on medical and senior industry referral sources, similar to senior care businesses. By integrating TruBlue, senior care operators can harness existing referral networks to deliver comprehensive home care solutions to their clients. Vince Maffeo, franchise owner of Comfort Keepers and TruBlue, highlights this synergy, saying, “We have an abundance of referral sources in my market that send us clients who can also become clients for TruBlue.”
  3. Shared Resources for Efficiency: With similar business operations structures, sales and administrative teams can be shared between senior care and TruBlue services, fostering seamless coordination and collaboration. This integration maximizes efficiency and increases overall revenue with existing teams.
  4. Less Regulatory Environment: Unlike the highly regulated landscape of in-home medical or senior care, TruBlue services operate within a less stringent regulatory framework, reducing regulatory hurdles for senior care operators.
  5. Optimizing Profitability: Home maintenance and repair services, unlike in-home personal care, require fewer employees to generate revenues. This simple business model optimizes profitability and scalability, enabling senior care businesses to expand their service offerings without significant financial investment.
  6. Expansion Within the Current Market: Integrating TruBlue franchise enables operators to expand their service offerings within their current territory, mitigating challenges associated with entering new markets. This approach ensures proximity to the home office for streamlined operations.

Integrating a TruBlue franchise into senior care businesses presents a compelling opportunity to enhance service offerings, leverage existing referral sources and clientele, streamline operations, and maximize profitability. By tapping into established relationships and utilizing existing resources, senior care operators can seamlessly expand their businesses while providing comprehensive support to seniors aging in place. As Maffeo said, “We will take care of the client with Comfort Keepers; with TruBlue, we will take care of the actual home they live in, ensuring better outcomes for our senior clients”

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