VIRTUAL EVENT: HCAOA Leadership Conference 2020

This year’s Annual Leadership Conference is going virtual and the experience will be nothing less than extraordinary! We’re even keeping the original title, “Rediscover the Magic of Home Care,” because our goal is to bring you innovative education through the magic of the Internet.

Here's what you can expect: 

  • CONDENSED WINDOWS OF TIME: Respecting your work load, obligations and attention level, we’re setting aside about 3 hours a day on October 6-8 to provide you with innovative presentations by speakers who understand your business.

  • IT’S JUST NOT ALL ABOUT EDUCATION: We also recognize that there is networking and fun at conferences so we’re building in just that - only in a virtual environment. Just wait, you’ll see.

  • SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: Never forgetting that our members are all different, we will maintain our tracks including:

    • Emerging Providers – Just starting out

    • Established Providers – Good to go, but always looking for better ways

    • Growth – Sustaining, but need inspiration

    • Recruitment and Retention – Always top of mind!

  • VENDORS AND THE LATEST SERVICES FOR HOME CARE: Another vital aspect of our conference has been our exhibit hall, where we feature the newest services and products available to home care agencies. We're working on a new way to experience vendors that will be fun and valuable for both the vendors and attendees.

This is just a preview of what we’re planning, so stay tuned for further updates. Although we won’t be together, we will be able to learn, exchange ideas, meet one another and discover not only the magic of home care but the magic of a virtual conference. It may look, act and feel different than being at a conference center- but think of it as a home care HIIT workout.

It's everything you've come to expect from the HCAOA Annual Leadership Conference, with a lot less travel and a more relaxed dress code. 

Stay tuned for more information including keynote speakers, registration links, and other details.  

Orlando, Florida