HomeCare's Story of the Year 2015

As Collette Weil's column in the April issue of HomeCare discusses, every brand should have a story. With each of your competitors selling the same products and utilizing the same tools, finding a way to stand out is increasingly important. Your brand's story is one of the most effective marketing tools you have, because it is unique.

As we strive to become the complete go-to resource for the home health industry, HomeCare believes our readers, from providers and caregivers to legislators and lobbyists, can all benefit from true industry success stories like yours. HomeCare is sponsoring the Story of the Year contest to seek out and highlight providers or other individuals who have overcome industry odds and have found their own unique voice.

Each month, we will choose a semifinalist from the submissions received and feature a brief profile online. From these entries, and with input from our Editorial Advisory Board, we will select finalists and feature their brief profiles in the print magazine in the fall. The winner of the HomeCare Story of the Year will be chosen by reader vote in November 2015, and will be the subject of a full-length feature story in the January 2016 issue.

To submit your story, or for more information, email Managing Editor Jenn Cox at jcox@cahabamedia.com. Entries should be 700 words or less and be submitted with at least two images (300 dpi). Please include contact information for the individual responsible for the submission. Please note, the contest is intended for providers, but anyone involved in the DME with an inspirational story to tell is encouraged to submit. All submissions are subject to publication.