Gearing Up for Medtrade Spring!

2015 has already been quite a year, both here at HomeCare and for our industry in general. We can’t wait to hop a plane, head to Vegas, see all of our friends and revel in the increasingly positive momentum! We will bring you more detailed information about the happenings at Medtrade Spring in a special edition of HomeCare Monday later this week, but we have already started making our “Must-See List,” and we thought we’d share just a bit with you.

First things first, Major Monday is a definite catalyst for an early arrival. With so many great workshops to chose from, we are having a hard time deciding who gets to go to which presentation! Another great opportunity for those coming in early is Monday’s Audit Power Panel. This in-depth discussion will provide great insight from experts who deal with CMS audits on a regular basis.

We really cannot wait to find out the winners of the Innovative Retail Product Awards, sponsored by HomeCare magazine! What a great top 10! How exciting to see all the creative retail options available to help our HME readers make the most of the current environment.

Did you hear the 6-4-18 Series is back? An absolute can’t-miss, the hand-picked sessions are just the building blocks you need to kick start the second quarter of 2015!

Tuesday morning, we look forward to AAHomecare’s Washington Update to get our day started off right, and Tuesday night we hope to see everyone at the Stand Up for Homecare reception. Support the groups that support you, learn more about what is being done on the Hill and make some great connections.

And most of all, we cannot wait to get on the expo floor, see all the wonderful products and services available in the new year and meet up with as many of the great people in this industry as possible. If we miss you when we are walking around, please stop by and see us at booth # 341! Have a great trip and we will see you soon!