New Statistics on Fall Prevention

The senior demographic is the largest in the U.S. and controls more that half of the country's wealth. Baby boomers have both the resources and the desire to stay in their homes as long as possible, in an attempt to gracefully transition into a new phase of life. Aging-in-place is not simply a buzzword; it is an important goal for many.

As more seniors attempt to live their golden years in their homes, safety concerns become paramount. According to the Home Saftey Council,the bathroom is the second most dangerous room in the home, behind the kitchen, and the majority of injuries in the bathroom is related to falls. Fortunately, preventing falls in the bathroom, or in other areas of the home, does not always require major home modification. A few minor changes, along with common sense and an awareness of surroundings can go a long way toward ensuring safety. 

Below is a brief synopsis of bathroom fall statistics, release by Medical Care Alert. Click anywhere in the graphic to be directed to the Fall Prevention Guide from Medical Care Alert.