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smart home health device
Promising but challenges lie ahead
Alzheimer's Disease
Concentrating on High-Value Alzheimer’s Needs to Get to an End
Homecare PERS devices
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technology for seniors
Is new technology for older adults fact or science fiction?
Patient monitoring
Remote monitoring plus machine learning
Joel Theisen
Using only a medical management approach to health care misses the mark
The late Gene Wilder, with wife, Karen Boyer Wilder, in 2010.
Alzheimer’s disease and the world of Gene Wilder
Aging in Place
What does it take to stay home?
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The promise and challenge of community-based care
Strategic Partnership
Collaboration solves patient problems
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Cultural differences in home health
Education key to providing health care to older, diverse population
Arthritis in the wrist
Understand the impact for those between the ages of 18 and 64
Caregiver with Senior
Volunteering and social groups present best opportunities
Educating Customers on the Value of High-Quality Incontinence Products
The business case of spending more to pay less