Here is a compilation of manager statements I have heard for the past 30 years: "Who has interest in helping me as a manager?" "I have audits to deal with, staff who cannot seem to get it...
Move quickly, because 'he who hesitates is lost.'
There are some tools every salesperson must have, and those are the willingness to learn, to teach and to grow professionally.
Clearwater, Fla. Most people active on the Internet have seen the spammed e-mails about a Nigerian prince promising rich reward in exchange for a relatively
Baltimore Last month, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a proposal that includes 18 new power wheelchairs codes. The proposal
Washington In late July, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson released the outline of a 10-year plan to implement the adoption
Apex/Foot Inserts Conform ThermoThotic Line available in eight different styles to meet the patient's need designed to meet new K code definitions offers
The home health industry has learned a few things about Washington and politics over the years. One is that presidential candidates usually have little
As a business owner you are facing a daunting challenge to survive, let alone thrive. Unlike earlier days when running your HME seemed simpler, today
Some say that dark clouds have silver linings. A few weeks ago I saw one. Looking forward to getting home, I was disappointed when Delta Flight 692 was
First opened in 1979, Medtrade 2004 will mark the trade show's 25th anniversary. We are excited to celebrate the show's longevity in the industry, says
BioMedical Life Systems/Electro-therapy System BioStim INF interferential device uses three pre-programmed sweeps: 1-10 Hz for edema reduction, 80-150
Washington On July 30, the day the Medicare program celebrated its 39th birthday since being signed into law in 1965, the White House Office of Management
Washington In a Notice of Proposed Rule Making published in the Aug. 5 Federal Register, CMS included respiratory drug reimbursement cuts for 2005 even
Baltimore CMS Administrator Mark McClellan has announced a new effort to ensure Medicare beneficiaries have timely access to new medical treatments and
The second rung of the ROPE (Rule Overload Prevention and Elimination) Ladder deals with teaching your systems and the that shape your systems in a way
The push to move beyond basic delivery and into equipment- and patient-management has been a long time coming in the home medical equipment industry.