Sales Notebook

Here is a compilation of manager statements I have heard for the past 30 years: "Who has interest in helping me as a manager?" "I have audits to deal with, staff who cannot seem to get it correct... Read more >
The interaction your company has with anyone outside the office can have either a negative or positive impact on the future success of your company. Interactions are a test. Companies work for years... Read more >
I believe there may be an important message in community relationship recommendations—neighbors, watch groups—that should be translated into your business plan. While the latest in modern technology... Read more >
Difficult times require new business plans and new strategies. There is little doubt that, regardless of the path our industry takes, the reimbursement on HME/DME products is not likely to increase... Read more >
The past several months have brought me an interesting array of phone calls. All these crisis calls were worded a little differently, but the central message was the same: “I need to find... Read more >
Savvy is a slang word derived from the French word savoir, meaning to know. It is often used when referring to “street smarts,” as in, “Don’t worry about her. She’ll... Read more >
We are just about finished with the spring conference season. For HME companies and professionals, these events are not just about continuing education; they’re also about completing... Read more >
Too often, I have asked salespeople what they know about a particular customer who is a referral source, and the response is, “Not too much, but they call very often, I think.” Others... Read more >
With everyone watching costs, almost every dollar spent is predicated on the assumption that there will be a return on investment. A digital sign outside your store must attract customers, and the... Read more >
Every business has challenges. Most problems are easily visible by looking at a spreadsheet, observing the chaos in a warehouse or noticing that a truck needs maintenance. These problems are... Read more >
I have been searching for an antidote to the upheaval caused by competitive bidding and continuing cuts in reimbursements. Fortunately, like big pharmaceutical companies, I had access to data from... Read more >
A great salesperson is always filling his or her briefcase with new and potentially lucrative leads generated from any number of professionals, locations, meetings, conferences or, at best, existing... Read more >
Every year we are invited to a selection of social events like birthdays, anniversaries or just to celebrate good times with special friends. We go with excitement and enjoy the process of selecting... Read more >
There is much to learn when embarking on a successful HME sales career. Learning how your operations department functions, the product lines you offer and the needs of the referral source are just... Read more >
Education and training are everywhere. Just turn around and you will find another consultant to help you build your business. Make another turn and someone will be ready to help you locate new... Read more >