Here is a compilation of manager statements I have heard for the past 30 years: "Who has interest in helping me as a manager?" "I have audits to deal with, staff who cannot seem to get it...
Move quickly, because 'he who hesitates is lost.'
There are some tools every salesperson must have, and those are the willingness to learn, to teach and to grow professionally.
Small DME, Big Decision Regarding the California court ruling on CMNs (HomeCare Monday, July 12, 2004), WOW!! What a victory, even if it is only a preliminary
Washington Some state Medicaid programs are paying too much for oxygen equipment and supplies, according the HHS Office of Inspector General. In an Aug.
ShurShape/Seat Kit Custom Molding Seat Kit custom molding seat kit uses foam pellets that allow seating specialist to capture a client's shape seated
Don't call it a beauty pageant. The name might imply that Ms. Wheelchair America is related to the contest that pits bikini-clad women advocating world
Neenah, Wis.-based ThedaCare At Home has set its business apart and is navigating Medicare cuts by promoting products without HCPCS codes and eliminating
In the Aug. 5 Federal Register, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced its proposed implementation of two HME provisions of last
SEPTEMBER 8-10Medical Equipment Suppliers Association (MESA)Fall Conference(Serving Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma)Dallas800/
As a society, we are intrigued by design. We want things to look aesthetically pleasing and stylish. It shows in the vast array of interiors magazines
Clearwater, Fla. Most people active on the Internet have seen the spammed e-mails about a Nigerian prince promising rich reward in exchange for a relatively
Baltimore Last month, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a proposal that includes 18 new power wheelchairs codes. The proposal
Washington In late July, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson released the outline of a 10-year plan to implement the adoption
Apex/Foot Inserts Conform ThermoThotic Line available in eight different styles to meet the patient's need designed to meet new K code definitions offers
The home health industry has learned a few things about Washington and politics over the years. One is that presidential candidates usually have little
As a business owner you are facing a daunting challenge to survive, let alone thrive. Unlike earlier days when running your HME seemed simpler, today