3 Strategies to Improve Your Bottom Line
Use these lessons learned from 2016 to better your business
Authorization and Eligibility
Recently I received a call from an insurance specialist at the imaging center where I will be having an MRI soon. The purpose of the call was not to remind me about my appointment, but to inform me...
Follow these three simple steps to improve
HME businesses embrace diversification in today's uncertain market
Motivated managers breed motivated staff.
Electronic document exchange (EDE), including the electronic certificate of medical necessity, or e-CMN, has been inching through the HME pipeline for several years.
One of my favorite television commercials shows a professional woman at a business meeting. When the camera pans down, you see that she is sitting at her kitchen table in fuzzy slippers, looking at a computer screen.
What’s the One Product that can help you control your future? Your computer.
E-commerce, encompassing everything from electronic ordering to just-in-time inventory management, has improved supply-chain logistics in various industries--but not HME, at least not on a wide scale.
While it’s clear that information technology can improve the operations of any HME, the challenge is figuring out how to begin and where to spend your money.
Merits Health Products The Buggy (Pioneer 5 Deluxe) twin front wheel with spring suspension for stability designed for access through narrow areas removable
Selling is a complicated and difficult process. It requires not only the right preparation but also the ability to become involved in several tasks during
Baltimore Following a July 2 deadline, CMS is going through nominations for potential members who will serve on the DME Program Advisory and Oversight
Washington After a three-year investigation, HHS has removed language stating obesity is not an illness from Medicare's Coverage Issues Manual, paving
Adaptive Engineering Lab/Seat Cushions Flo-Tech offers various designs, each geared to patient's needs reduces pressure, which lowers risk of development
In answer to requests from both government officials and industry stakeholders, the National Supplier Clearinghouse has drafted new written guidance for