AAHomeCare Update

More than 150 HME leaders gathered at the AAHomecare Washington Legislative Conference, May 20-21, to stand together and educate Congress about the issues impacting HME. Consumer Groups Bring Their... Read more >
Speaking at AAHomecare's "Washington Update" at Medtrade Spring almost two months ago, I reported on recent legislative successes by noting that the credibility and influence of the Association is at... Read more >
Do you want to become a better-informed, more efficient and increasingly successful HME supplier? Do you want to learn about new trends and regulatory requirements affecting your profession? Would... Read more >
Substantial challenges lie ahead for the home medical equipment community in 2015, but based on our experience at AAHomecare last year, we're ready to pick up where we left off before the holiday... Read more >
I’ve been a part of advocacy campaigns on behalf of the home medical equipment community since first becoming involved in with New York Medical Equipment Providers Association early in my career, and... Read more >
A Strong Team in Place While I had worked closely with several members of the AAHomecare staff in my time as chairman of the association and through service on the board of directors, I didn’t have a... Read more >
The American Association for Homecare acts as the industry liaison to multiple regulatory agencies, including the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). We help navigate regulatory... Read more >
There are a number of forces at work shaping the HME marketplace, from the exploding numbers of baby boomers reaching qualifying Medicare age to technological advances in the equipment companies sell... Read more >
What is your reaction when you’re notified of a Medicare audit? Does your blood pressure increase? Do your hands get sweaty and your shoulders slump? Are you thinking, “Not again,” “How can I afford... Read more >
It’s 2014, and a lot of changes will take place this year that will directly impact the home care industry and how business is conducted. But before we look toward the future, it’s worthwhile to... Read more >
I was asked last month about the destructive path the DME industry seems to be on. It seems that the government is hell-bent on making the DME benefit, and thus the industry, go away. Perhaps because... Read more >
Clichés get a bad rap. Yet the reason that a saying becomes exhausted from overuse is because it expresses a universal truth or experience. Who hasn’t heard at least one of the following? No man is... Read more >
On July 1, 2013, the curtain opened on the second act of the DME competitive bidding program. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has billed the show as the cost-saving event of the... Read more >
As always, AAHomecare will be fully represented by its team of staff at Medtrade 2013 in Orlando, Fla. As one of the show partners, AAHomecare understands the value of Medtrade’s exhibits,... Read more >
No one can predict where the HME sector will be in a month, much less a year from now. Change is inevitable, but there will always be a high demand for HME products and services. Providers will have... Read more >