Provider Profiles

Success is in the pennies. In a market where profit in dollars is becoming increasingly scarce, Ford C. Greene, CRT, LCRP—founder and owner of Greene Respiratory Services headquartered in Milford,... Read more >
More than a decade ago, Bryan Schultz took note of the millions of tourists piling into the city of Las Vegas every year—thousands with 
disabilities requiring equipment they were unprepared to... Read more >
In 2004, the leaders at Seeley Medical in Andover, Ohio, saw the writing on the wall, and the message was clear. “It became evident to us that we were playing on a field we couldn’t win,” recalls Joe... Read more >
When HME/DME providers started to experience the effects of cuts in Medicare reimbursements, the owners of Buckeye Home Medical Equipment knew they had to find a solution. Theirs involved expanding... Read more >
The team at St. Paul, Minn.-based Handi Medical Supply is on a mission. “Our mission is to enrich lives—that’s it,” says Mike Bailey, CEO of the full-line HME business. That... Read more >
For Jeffrey Kelemen of Everything Medical in Las Vegas, Nev., each day is a series of problem-solving tests. “What do I have to find, where can I get it and how can I take care of the... Read more >
If you’ve ever wondered where the magic went in the home medical equipment world, look to Merlin Medical Supply in Camarillo, Calif. The 4,300 square-foot store situated in a shopping center... Read more >
Goats that are having their kids… cement contractors… tattoo artists. Home medical equipment isn’t just for people living with medical conditions anymore. In the new world of... Read more >
Sometimes when you take a leap of faith, you fly. Ten years ago, Thad Connally made that leap and started First Choice Home Medical in Bowling Green, Ky. “I was between jobs and decided it... Read more >
In the home medical equipment world—roiling with Medicare’s competitive bidding project, rampant audits, expanding red tape and reimbursement that increasingly dips below cost—it... Read more >
In Franklin Trammell’s view, “If you’re not growing, you’re backing up.” That philosophy has helped the founder and owner of Carolina’s Home Medical Equipment in... Read more >
Less than 50 miles outside of Atlanta, Ga., in the town of Monroe, optimism is flourishing when it comes to the home medical equipment (HME) business. Tucked in the Alcovy River Basin between... Read more >
The story of Nunn’s Home Medical Equipment begins with a mistake. All Martin J. Nunn needed was a single wheelchair for a person who wanted to pay last respects to a loved one at Nunn’s... Read more >
As president of Fargo, N.D.-based Sanford Health HealthCare Accessories, Russ Nylander is quick to acknowledge that his home medical equipment (HME) company can’t be all things to all people... Read more >
David Davis has many laurels on which he could rest. He has been a U.S. Congressman representing Tennessee’s 1st District; a four-term member of the Tennessee Legislature; founder of the... Read more >