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Applying More Than a Bandage to Seating Problems
The first step is to treat the cause of postural problems, not just the symptoms
Providers are relying less on traditional sources of insurance reimbursement
Selection is important to this sensitive area of seating and mobility
As with many sectors in HME, manufacturers say the market for manual wheelchairs continues to grow right along with the aging population that needs them.
Manual wheelchairs are the mainstay of the home medical equipment business, yet very few sales reps spend much time analyzing how to sell these products.
Washington One day after the U.S. General Accounting Office added Medicaid to its 2003 list of programs, the Health and Human Services Department Jan.
Washington Home medical equipment providers breathed a sigh of relief Jan. 24, after the U.S. Senate passed a $390 billion omnibus budget package that
Sankyo Pharma/Cygnus/Blood Glucose Monitor The GlucoWatch G2 Biographer provides blood glucose readings continuously, automatically and non-invasively
With the prospect of war on the horizon, it is hard to be excited about watching what will unfold domestically in 2003. Nonetheless, a major part of our
Since 1981, when obstructive sleep apnea was shown to be treated successfully by an electromechanical device, there has been an increasing concentration
This year will be a challenging, but opportunity-filled year for the home medical equipment industry let's call it a no-pain, no-gain environment. The
If 2002 was any indication of where the lifts and transfer devices market is headed, 2003 promises to be a banner year for the mobility niche. In fact,
Baltimore Not only is health care spending growing, but it is growing at an accelerated rate, according to a Jan. 8 report from the Centers for Medicare
Washington The organization that oversees the activities of countless health care providers including hospitals, home medical equipment companies and