Marketing Matters

Seniors have spoken, and they're tired of being portrayed as frail and helpless. In a recent study of adults ages 70 and older, only one in five is satisfied with how the age group is depicted in the... Read more >
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There are hundreds of ways to promote your business. Promoting is an ongoing endeavor to stimulate sales and keep your brand in your consumers’ and referral sources’ eyes and minds.... Read more >
I’ve been a marketer since the days of Atari. That will tell you right there I’m a Baby Boomer. I grew up on Santana, Purple Haze, Soul Train, the Vietnam War, peace signs, hard work,... Read more >
In the June issue of the magazine we discussed the basics involved in utilizing Facebook to help market your business, also dispelling some common misconceptions people may have. Let’s... Read more >
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The HME industry has been under siege. We have company. Other industries, such as music, went through recent revolutionary technology and distribution changes. The publishing industry is now in the... Read more >
There comes the time when your marketing needs a huge kick in the rear end. Maybe you or your staff have been writing brochures and web copy, or placing your ads in the Yellow Pages, newspapers... Read more >
So, what's event marketing? I like to think of it as an exciting themed activity, occasion, display or exhibit to promote a product, cause or organization. An event has more going on than a sale or... Read more >
Shop your favorite stores. Shop stores that require a more involved sales and purchase process such as mattresses, computers or home appliances. You'll see that each company's brand gives you a... Read more >
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Thank you for helping my mom. You saved our family.” “My son passed along your YouTube video on preventing falls — my husband slipped and hit his head on the sink. I wish I had seen... Read more >
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