Compliance University

Let's continue our discussion of Secrets to Effective Training for your compliance program. A prior column identified two secrets: avoid leadership by memo and lead from the front. This month we will... Read more >
Let's talk about training and teaching. Your compliance program is not worth the paper it's printed on (or the electronic type it generates) if your people don't know what it says, what it requires... Read more >
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Too few home care companies embrace the range of benefits that compliance programs offer. These benefits focus on relationships with business colleagues, financiers and customers in order to obtain... Read more >
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Compliance programs can create effective structures for the general dissemination of information within the company—they can encourage effective personnel feedback, improve overall internal... Read more >
We demand an answer to the question, “Why should 
I bother with a compliance program?” Too many home care companies do not have a useful compliance program in place. These companies have decided—... Read more >
Let’s continue to challenge conventional views of regulatory compliance programs. Our premise has been that any homecare company that does not yet have in place a working, effective... Read more >
Throughout 2012 I have used this column to challenge certain conventional views of regulatory compliance programs. Specifically, I have suggested that we acknowledge and demand an answer to the... Read more >
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Compliance programs make much sense. They provide a logical, structured format to identify and implement the company’s best practices, and to fix problems as they arise. Sure, they cost... Read more >
It’s great to be back. I am so glad that Cahaba Media Group has purchased HomeCare, and I am confident the magazine will continue to serve as an invaluable HME resource for years to come.... Read more >
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