A senior population that is the fastest-growing sector in the U.S., along with combined Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements for home-based care in excess of $31 billion, has created a booming home... Read more >
Traditional HME businesses are usually hidden within commercial areas or industrial parks where they benefit from paying low warehouse rental rates. When these same HMEs transition from a warehouse... Read more >
In an era when initiatives such as pay-for-performance and revenue cycle optimization take center stage, training may seem more like an item on a check list than an outstanding opportunity. When... Read more >
This article is the second of a six-part series on the fundamentals of retailing. Each segment will focus on retail solutions and provide the insight and resources necessary to be successful in this... Read more >
Though much focus has been placed on safety in the home and eliminating falls, there has still been an increase of accidental deaths caused by falls. According to a Columbia University study, the... Read more >
The DME marketplace has been a roller coaster for several years—which means there is plenty of peril and plenty of opportunity. Even when you find a good prospect, buyers will be exceptionally wary... Read more >
The American Association for Homecare acts as the industry liaison to multiple regulatory agencies, including the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). We help navigate regulatory... Read more >
SPRING HOUSE, Penn.—Sandra C. Canally, RN, founder and president of The Compliance Team (TCT), announced in a company-wide email that enrollment in TCT’s industry leading web-based patient... Read more >
The Medicare anti-kickback statute states that a health care provider (such as a DME supplier) cannot provide anything of value to a person or entity in exchange for referring, or arranging for the... Read more >
In late May, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) announced a proposal to implement a prior authorization (PA) program for certain DMEPOS items. Published in the May 28 issue of... Read more >
Notoriety—it’s the name of the game for all network-centric professional positions. How great are your recommendations for others in the field? How quickly do you close sales, scale infrastructure or... Read more >
With the advent of competitive bidding, many providers have changed their focus from traditional DME and respiratory products to supply items. 
However, suppliers need to be aware that the DME MAC’s... Read more >
I am proud to say that I have had the good fortune to attend every Medtrade exposition and conference since its inception more than 35 years ago. I suppose that is a benefit of my now entering my... Read more >
Throughout the years, the complex rehab industry has done a comprehensive job of addressing the unique physical conditions of people with motor and neurological function challenges due to spinal cord... Read more >
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