It's no secret that the landscape of health care in the United States has changed dramatically during the past few years. A paradigm shift from traditional, volume-based fee-for-service purchasing... Read more >
Although change has and will always keep HME providers on their toes, today's rapid rate of change revolves not only around new and modified guidelines, but also around the accelerated rate of... Read more >
The way your customers search, shop and share information online is changing on a daily basis. Understanding what works and what doesn't with today's digital consumers is the key to driving retail... Read more >
There are 79 million baby boomers in the U.S. alone, and each year this demographic spends more money on goods and services than any other age group. The estimated total in 2005: $2 trillion annually... Read more >
When faced with challenges, unstoppable individuals and companies defy odds, set new standards and consistently create outcomes that others say are impossible. These mavericks and super pros have the... Read more >
YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and has more than one billion unique, worldwide viewers each month. Those watchers aren't just tuning in to watch the latest viral sensations... Read more >
Investors in a hotel meeting room wait to hear presentations from two utility CEOs, a widely followed financial analyst and a respected portfolio manager. While the CEOs tell of their companies'... Read more >
As I travel around the country meeting with clients to relay my passion for risk management and loss reduction, I often hear, "But we're just a small business and we have to focus on profitability."... Read more >
If you own a retail store or are considering opening a new retail location, there are a variety of challenges to be considered, including location, physical building space, inventory assortment,... Read more >
More than 60 percent of U.S. business owners are more than 50 years old, and many of them are looking toward retirement. For some, this includes the process of attracting potential buyers, but the... Read more >
Fuel serves as a major operating cost for any business with vehicles out in the field, including in-home delivery for HME equipment. What makes fuel one of the toughest expenses to manage is its... Read more >
From Fitbit, Jawbone and Basis to Agamatrix blood glucose monitors, wearable technology is currently at the forefront of personal health management. With a small device worn on the wrist or belt, and... Read more >
If home delivery had an official mantra, "nobody's perfect," might be a fitting choice. Recent research suggests that the majority of consumers receive late or inaccurate deliveries 10 percent of the... Read more >
Imagine you and 100 other providers are sitting in a room when a customer comes in and says, "I want to buy a wheelchair. Who can help?" Naturally, everyone in the room raises their hands—there will... Read more >
Mary loved her job as a recreational therapist in a skilled nursing facility. Her co-workers marveled at her ability to assess the needs of residents and propose exactly the right activity for a... Read more >
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