1. Identifying the Decision Maker(s) Too often, salespeople will focus solely on their initial contact at an organization, but those who are successful know that there are usually other decision... Read more >
We have all heard the statistics—huge numbers of baby boomers will need our services in the coming years, Medicare reimbursement rates will continue to drop, cash is the answer, retail is all the... Read more >
Wouldn't it be nice if turning your website into an online profit center was as easy as pulling up a shopping cart and watching the orders stream in? That dream is far from a reality. If you want to... Read more >
Developing sales leadership excellence is complex and involves performance factors beyond product knowledge, sales techniques, CRMs and sales funnels. At the core, however, it is more about... Read more >
What are the seven most powerful words in retail sales? "I'll be taking care of you today." The statement just has a nice, comforting ring to it, doesn't it? Think about it—we are in the home and... Read more >
While there are many different medical alert systems and services, the desired end result is the same—getting help for seniors when they need it. It is important, as with any product or service, to... Read more >
In recent years, DME providers have struggled to turn a profit in the reduced-reimbursement environment, leading to mergers, acquisitions, closures and fewer suppliers overall. That said, with more... Read more >
For nearly two decades, I have been working closely with HME providers to help them reach seniors and caregivers online, and for nearly two decades, I’ve been told by HME providers that their... Read more >
In Verne Harnish’s article, “Daily Adrenaline Meeting,” he discusses the reasons a daily huddle is so crucial to the success of a company. “There is one indispensable routine; one absolute essential... Read more >
News headlines about health care’s transition from paper to digital records, and from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement, may focus on acute and ambulatory care, but the ripple effects of... Read more >
We continually hear about the dangers of distracted driving. Still, as much as we know and hear about these risks, every day I witness erratic behaviors caused by drivers making phone calls and... Read more >
Most all Americans are online. Are they finding you? According to Pew Research Center, as of January 2014, 87 percent of American adults are online. Of those Internet users, 97 percent use the... Read more >
There has never been a more important time for the home care industry. In terms of preference and in cost-effectiveness, home health care represents the greatest hope for meeting the needs of the... Read more >
Medical alert systems and personal emergency response systems (PERS) are becoming an important part of aging-in-place. While home care companies and HME providers are able to furnish most of the... Read more >
SAINT MARYS, Penn. (April 1, 2015)—Allegheny Software Publishers Inc, a provider of home health care software solutions, recently announced that it will incorporate content from PEPID, a... Read more >
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