Miriam Lieber

As I travel to HME companies nationwide, it is clear that everyone is concerned with maximizing efficiencies. Some have embraced the need for improvement and are looking for creative ways to make... Read more >
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Being in Oklahoma City the day of the recent tornado was frightening, upsetting, unnerving and humbling all at the same time. I was fortunate to be working with an HME provider that was able to... Read more >
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In today’s HME environment, finding the right cast of characters is the name of the game. Which of your employees fits in and which ones need to find another position within or outside your... Read more >
Like the housing market, the HME industry feels anxious, tentative, beat up and struggling to make a profit. Not only are audits still common, competitive bidding is at the forefront of nearly... Read more >
There’s no doubt that the way HME businesses operated five years ago (maybe even one year ago) is certainly not the way they operate today. Who would have thought they’d need a full-... Read more >
HME companies are similar to those in other industries where employees make or break a business. Inevitably, as I travel throughout the country to HME companies of all sizes and types, I notice... Read more >