HME legislation

MPP on Capitol Hill—The industry made tremendous progress in 2013 in garnering the support of 160 Representatives (37 percent of the House) signing on in support of H.R. 1717, the Medicare DMEPOS... Read more >
The future of the DME industry will depend on the effectiveness of our district level grassroots advocacy action plans. Grassroots advocacy is a year-round effort, not just something to do when... Read more >
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The first time Michael Hamilton traveled from Alabama to Washington, D.C., to lobby on behalf of the HME industry, gasoline cost 55 cents a gallon, the Watergate scandal was playing out with the... Read more >
With more than 10,000 registered lobbyists working the halls of Congress and federal agencies, it’s a challenge to get attention and support for the legislative aims of any business sector. And... Read more >