September 2007

Providers in the first 10 metropolitan statistical areas selected for competitive bidding — who have been struggling to become accredited as well as to bid — have been overwhelmed with... Read more >
Surgical Appliance Industries/Sport Shell Airway Swim and Sport Shell 100 percent medical grade silicone; clear color, transparent and inconspicuous lightweight triangle-shaped shell for a woman's... Read more >
As your organization looks toward 2008, it is a good time to evaluate your performance for 2007 and get ready for next year's growth. Take the time to review where you stand and plan for the changes... Read more >
Each fall, Medtrade offers home medical equipment providers and manufacturers alike a time to evaluate business and incorporate new products and services that can enhance profit. But this year, it is... Read more >
Medtrade 2007 October 2 - 4 Orange County Convention Center, Orlando HME providers who want to be considered for contracts in the first round of competitive bidding must be accredited by Oct. 31. And... Read more >
Tapped as Medtrade group show director in July — with only three months to go until the fall expo and preparations underway for Medtrade Spring in a new location — Kevin Bird admits that... Read more >
Owning a business is tough. Owning a business that is heavily regulated by the government is tougher. Owning a business that is reliant on government reimbursement schemes is the toughest. Especially... Read more >
This last year in the HME industry has been anything but business as usual. Rather, it has been a constant roller coaster with Medicare: new CMS contractors (DME MACs), implementation of the Deficit... Read more >
Waiting for the outcome of competitive bidding's first round hasn't stopped industry stakeholders from working to amend the program. Nor have efforts slowed in lobbying lawmakers on its effects and... Read more >
Dynamic Duo Reps. John Tanner, D-Tenn., and David Hobson, R-Ohio, will kick off Medtrade 2007 with a video keynote address on Tuesday, Oct. 2, at 7:30 a.m. in Room W/110 A/B of the Orange County... Read more >
For years, the HME industry has dodged the bullet of competitive bidding. Some have ignored it, others have fought it. But now time's up, and it's high noon at the HME corral. Competitive bidding is... Read more >
This is definitely not the time for sack cloth and ashes. Home care as an industry is not passing on. On the contrary, it is being restructured. My concern is that not every DME/HME provider sees... Read more >
In 2005: Medicare approved payment for nearly two million orthotic services for more than $358 million. The most prevalent orthotic service approved by Medicare was for a custom fabricated,... Read more >
Think retail. This is easy to say, but not so easy to do if you operate a traditional reimbursement-driven HME business. Retail businesses reach out to attract and sell on a daily basis. To retail is... Read more >
Check the HomeCare Monday archives at for these and other industry headlines: Industry Rallies against New Threat to Home Oxygen CHAMP Act's Cuts Draw Strong Response; AARP... Read more >
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