September 2007

Surgical Appliance Industries/Sport Shell Airway Swim and Sport Shell 100 percent medical grade silicone; clear color, transparent and inconspicuous lightweight triangle-shaped shell for a woman's... Read more >
Chad Therapeutics/Oxygen Conserver Bonsai OxyPneumatic 6:1 savings ratio fixed pulses of oxygen within first 150 milliseconds of inspiration; 1-7 lpm flow equivalency settings; patient saturation up... Read more >
There isn't too much room to dispute Medicare when you receive this denial code. First, verify that the rental equipment has been picked up. If you haven't done the physical return, notify customer... Read more >
Opportunities continue to abound for home medical equipment providers to collaborate with physicians, hospitals, sleep labs and entrepreneurs to enter joint ventures for sleep studies and for the... Read more >
For 54 years, Binson's Home Health Care Centers has been a staple of the Michigan home medical equipment community. But that doesn't mean it's stayed the same. Indeed, says Ken Fasse, executive vice... Read more >
Grayson Rosenberger thinks outside the bubble. And because he does, the 15-year-old student from Nashville, Tenn., is on the road to making a difference in the lives of people he doesn't even know.... Read more >
It's 8:00, and the family is gathering in front of the television to enjoy one of the few shows they can all watch together. Sitting next to the sofa is the telephone so everyone will be ready to... Read more >
Would you consider buying a home over the Internet? Most of us would answer that question with a resounding “no.” We want to see the neighborhood. How good are the schools? Is the roof... Read more >
Legislative and regulatory issues will take center stage at Medtrade 2007, which will be held Oct. 2-4 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla. The venerable trade show will feature... Read more >
Regardless of how it deals with the SCHIP reauthorization issue in September and beyond, Congress will continue this year to pursue a Medicare bill, driven primarily by the desire to fix the Medicare... Read more >
The industry is in a huge state of flux, and we have our payer sources to thank for it. We now live in a world where we deal with competitive bidding and oxygen caps, and it seems like almost every... Read more >
From a safety and quality perspective, infection control is one of the most important — and least understood — concerns of the HME industry. It isn't even mentioned in CMS' supplier... Read more >
The year is 1848. A boy is born in Paris. His father is an Italian marquis living in exile. The politics in Italy change, allowing safe return for the family and a good education for the boy,... Read more >
Once equipment has become damaged or inoperable, you must determine whether you should repair the item or replace it. Medicare has specific guidelines on this for you to follow. The first question to... Read more >
Each year, Beloit College puts together a “mindset list” for its freshman class. For the students entering college this fall — the Class of 2011 — the list points out that... Read more >