Examining Profit Margin with Your Payer Contracts
Determine true revenue and maximize reimbursement to stay profitable
Forging Paths to Success in a Tough Market
Engaging new payer types with contracts and other opportunities
Unpacking the paperwork baggage for proper reimbursement of power adjustable seat height
Get the most out of payer negotiations
Whatever health care services you provide, you have probably felt the pinch of tightened reimbursements—perhaps 30 percent to 40 percent less, or more, than what you received in the past. These...
Among the top denial reasons for E0100 claims, which have a 16.1% denial rate, are that the patient has "same or similar" equipment, is in a nursing home or on an inpatient hospital stay at the time of
In order to avoid governmental scrutiny, it is crucial that all marketing programs and business arrangements be established and implemented properly.
Washington One way to influence Congress' decisions is to convince the policy advisors who provide data to lawmakers. Following this model, the American
How lucky you are. Since this is my first column as HomeCare's editor-in-chief, I was going to talk about some serious industry issues. I could have chosen
Washington Posing as a government-sanctioned program, without federal permission, is against the law, the U.S. Office of Inspector General warned health
Atlanta At an April 9 auction, The American Stock Transfer and Trust Co. placed the winning bid for the assets of Graham-Field, according to Mark Stead,
Sunrise/Manual Wheelchair Quickie Ti Titanium weighs between 16.5 and 17.5 pounds features multiple front and rear seat heights features titanium tubing
Advances in medicine and technology, and the demographics of an aging population provide unprecedented opportunities for growth in the rehab industry.
Through 25 years, and several hair-styles, Simon Margolis has found purpose in a profession often misunderstood. Vice president for clinical and professional