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Whatever health care services you provide, you have probably felt the pinch of tightened reimbursements—perhaps 30 percent to 40 percent less, or more, than what you received in the past. These...
Among the top denial reasons for E0100 claims, which have a 16.1% denial rate, are that the patient has "same or similar" equipment, is in a nursing home or on an inpatient hospital stay at the time of
In order to avoid governmental scrutiny, it is crucial that all marketing programs and business arrangements be established and implemented properly.
Washington Gallup Organization, a nationally known polling company, April 8 filed suit against Tom Scully, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and
Alexandria, Va. In its ongoing effort to clarify and expand Medicare's and Medicaid's coding system for rehab and assistive technology products, AAHomecare's
When it comes to building a home medical equipment business, it pays to have the right tools. No, we're not talking wheelchairs and oxygen concentrators
Noteworthy CMS Granting Appeals Extensions: The Baltimore-based Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services April 15 began granting extensions of up to
Noteworthy OIG Says State Medicaid Agencies are Ready for HIPAA: After conducting telephone interviews with officials from the 51 state Medicaid agencies,
Mountain Properties/The Mobility Aid Co./Cane Norman Rockwell Adjustable Offset and Quad Canes adjustable from 31 inches to 40 inches available in four