DALLAS, Texas (May 18, 2017)—Point of Rental Essentials, the cloud-based rental software from Point of Rental, has gone multilingual. With its most recent update, the program added Spanish, Australian English and British English to the application.

“We’re excited to make Rental Essentials more accessible to customers throughout the world,” said Director of Cloud Products, Evan Fort. “We look forward to new people being able to use the software to manage their businesses.”

The language update is limited to the software, storefront and counter system. Users will need to ensure the language of their choice is enabled for their customer storefront by enabling that language in the Configuration menu. For inventory items, users will need to edit their items in each language.

Anyone interested in trying out the new language options in Rental Essentials can get started with 14 days free.

Visit point-of-rental.com for more information.