MOORPARK, Calif. (Feb. 6, 2014)—ForaCare, Inc. announced the launch of FORA Test N’GO—an advanced blood glucose monitoring system. Using its Bluetooth connectivity, the FORA Test N’GO wirelessly transmits blood glucose readings to the iFORA App on the patients’ smartphone. The test results are then seamlessly uploaded ForaCare’s TeleHealth cloud server, allowing caregivers instant access to view patient data from anywhere. “With the FORA Test N’GO, people with diabetes can now record, track and manage their diabetes while on-the-go.” said CEO, Sophia Wu. The FORA Test N’GO is a cutting-edge, no-coding meter with superior GDH-FAD strip chemistry—no interference with maltose, galactose and oxygen. FORA Test N’GO Meter features:
• Superior GDH-FAD strip technology
• No-coding
• Tiny .5μL blood sample
• Data upload via Bluetooth connectivity
• Legible backlight display
• Rechargeable battery
• Fast 5 second test results
• Integrates with iFORA Diabetes manager application

ForaCare, located in Moorpark, Calif., is a company dedicated to design, develop, market products and offer TeleHealth solutions for chronic disease management. Due to the increasing aging population and the growing demands of the chronic disease management solution, the mission for ForaCare is to expand the scope of chronic disease management application platforms and reach patients in-need by improving the quality of home care. By the use of its tailored data management system, medical professionals and family members can closely monitor the condition of the patients and achieve the ultimate goals of delaying the onset of complications and to reduce the economic impact to our society. Visit