March 2008

March 2008
If you think getting a good night's sleep at home is hard, try catching 40 winks at the South Pole! It's not such an easy task, says Mayo College of Medicine Professor Dr. Bruce D. Johnson. According... Read more >
HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt (shown above with President Bush) was on the firing line last month, hammered by Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee at a hearing on the health proposals outlined in... Read more >
They're baaaak. CMS has decided to take yet another stab at revising its supplier standards for home medical equipment providers. The agency has proposed a number of clarifications and revisions to... Read more >
News flash: Louis Feuer has decided to look for a job. Well, not just any position. I want a sales representative job like the one I hear about from business owners every week. I didn't think they... Read more >
Collecting those secondary payments and deductibles? Yes, it is that time again when we are receiving many deductibles being adjusted from our Explanation of Benefits. And this year, we are feeling... Read more >
Since the passage of the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003, industry experts have been advising DMEPOS providers to become accredited. But with a recent statement by CMS that only 30 percent of... Read more >
There is a popular song out that repeats the phrase, “Here we go again.” For mobility providers, that could be a mantra. Except this time, the challenges facing the industry are... Read more >
Propelled by a flurry of potential reimbursement cuts that could imperil providers and beneficiary access alike, the National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology has authorized a two-year... Read more >
Averaging 15 percent off current reimbursements, the payments CMS set for complex rehab under round one of competitive bidding, coupled with the scant number of contracts offered in the product... Read more >
These days, it is clear HME providers have to get involved in the legislative process if there is to be any change in the restrictive policies that continue to plague the industry. For most, that... Read more >
The American Association for Homecare's Rehab and Assistive Technology Council is working on a long list of “musts” for this year. While the following are the council's 2008 priorities,... Read more >
Thompson Home Medical Equipment in Traverse City, Mich., faces issues common to HME businesses across the country: The company is struggling to provide the most appropriate equipment and services in... Read more >
A little over seven years ago, the management at Monroe Wheelchair determined the environment then — and the one they saw coming — for mobility products and services demanded an... Read more >
The power mobility device industry certainly has had its share of changes and challenges over the last few years, with the elimination of the certificate of medical necessity and the advent of new... Read more >
With any product category, coding, coverage and payment are the vital factors that control access. The home mobility and rehabilitation industry has not had a chance to adjust to the myriad changes... Read more >