Shelly Sez

I remember when my granddaughter was only seven years old and she taught me the meaning of attitude. She wanted to go to the pool after lunch. I said the radio announced there was a forecast of a 30... Read more >
I am proud to say that I have had the good fortune to attend every Medtrade exposition and conference since its inception more than 35 years ago. I suppose that is a benefit of my now entering my... Read more >
There is something incredible that happens every time I enter the exhibition hall at a Medtrade or Medtrade Spring meeting. When I see the great number of exhibitors and review the list of the... Read more >
Having attended every Medtrade since its inception, I am always impressed by the high quality of the speakers and the attitude of vendors introducing new opportunities. Dealers and providers came to... Read more >
I have been around a long time, and I’ve never seen so much confusion in the HME/DME industry. I became active in health care in 1950, several years after completing my tour of duty. I... Read more >