Capital Commentary

Relationships with your vendors are vital to your success, and guess what? Your success is vital to them. So why does it often feel like a one-way street? Vendor relationships should be evaluated as... Read more >
We all know the story of how one acorn dropping from a tree onto the head of Chicken Little created the paralyzing belief that the sky is falling. While the world of durable medical equipment (DME)... Read more >
The DME marketplace has been a roller coaster for several years—which means there is plenty of peril and plenty of opportunity. Even when you find a good prospect, buyers will be exceptionally wary... Read more >
There is a new breed of DME owner rapidly gaining ground in the DME marketplace. The mom-and-pop shops are out and private equity firms are in. During the past several years, private equity (PE) has... Read more >
The DME/HME market has experienced a great deal of consolidation due directly to Medicare reimbursement cuts from competitive bidding. Further cuts in 
2014 are expected from managed care/private... Read more >
Why remain content with growing your company organically in this tumultuous market when there are so many other options available? A substantial increase in mergers and acquisitions in the DME... Read more >
It’s not too late to change your game plan for competitive bidding. The reality of competitive bidding is now upon us. Despite a lack of perceptible change from June 29 to July 1, the world of... Read more >
A question I hear on a daily basis is “How much is my company worth?” Though it sounds  like a smart-aleck response, the truth is simple: Your company is worth what someone is... Read more >
I have noticed a trend among DME providers that have either received Round 1 Medicare competitive bids or are anticipating receiving bids in Round 2. Many believe that their bid is a golden ticket... Read more >