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Accelerated Care Plus/Electrotherapy Omnistim FX2 Portable multi-modality portable device dual-channel system offers pre-set parameters that can be adjusted to address a variety of conditions and... Read more >
Ironically, CMS marked the first anniversary of its short-lived competitive bidding run last year by proposing a claims process under which Round 1 bid winners could file for damages. As the program... Read more >
BALTIMORE--A tentative timeline for competitive bidding shows Round One, scheduled to be rebid this year, will not be implemented until January 2011.   The timeline, released earlier today... Read more >
We all realize federal legislators and regulators seem to think this industry is full of crooks, and that perception colors much of how HME providers are treated by Congress and CMS. Operation... Read more >
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ATA Mobility Group/Cart Handiwagon 4-wheel folding cart; can be attached to a walker or rollator 1.9 cubic ft. of storage space; 30-lb. weight capacity; comes in blue and red; weighs 13 lbs. useful... Read more >
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