Altimate Medical/Stander EasyStand Bantam new design positioning beneficial for children who have flexible or fixed contractures because they can start standing supine with hip/knee flexion or an... Read more >
Accelerated Care Plus/Electrotherapy Omnistim FX2 Portable multi-modality portable device dual-channel system offers pre-set parameters that can be adjusted to address a variety of conditions and... Read more >
Ironically, CMS marked the first anniversary of its short-lived competitive bidding run last year by proposing a claims process under which Round 1 bid winners could file for damages. As the program... Read more >
BALTIMORE--A tentative timeline for competitive bidding shows Round One, scheduled to be rebid this year, will not be implemented until January 2011.   The timeline, released earlier today... Read more >
We all realize federal legislators and regulators seem to think this industry is full of crooks, and that perception colors much of how HME providers are treated by Congress and CMS. Operation... Read more >
On what Congress needs to know “We're not really fraudulent. We're not overpaid. We're a small percentage of the whole pie. We're the solution, not the problem. Health care costs are going up... Read more >
A tentative timeline for the restart of competitive bidding was released at a June 4 meeting of the Program and Advisory Committee (PAOC): Spring 2009 Pre-Bidding Supplier Awareness Campaign Began... Read more >
ATA Mobility Group/Cart Handiwagon 4-wheel folding cart; can be attached to a walker or rollator 1.9 cubic ft. of storage space; 30-lb. weight capacity; comes in blue and red; weighs 13 lbs. useful... Read more >
BALTIMORE — In an email sent this morning, CMS announced the next steps in its implementation of the Round One rebid of competitive bidding, including the general timeline for opening the bid... Read more >
A series of important deadlines for home medical equipment providers is coming up fast. Stay tuned to HomeCare as well for information on the Round One rebid of competitive bidding, with associated... Read more >
ATLANTA--As the number of confirmed cases in the United States passed 4,298, the H1N1 virus has claimed three lives.   Health officials confirmed a Washington state man died last week from what... Read more >
We were lucky. At press time, the threat of the H1N1 flu in the United States was dwindling as quickly as it had become front-page news. Our government rolled out an extraordinary response to the new... Read more >
WASHINGTON — Ignoring pleas from scores of legislators, consumer organizations and HME associations representing thousands of home medical equipment providers, CMS refused last month to rescind... Read more >
Obesity: affects 60 million adults is one of the fastest-growing segments in American society costs the nation $117 billion in direct and indirect costs, including health care, treatment, lost... Read more >
Last month, Sensei, a Boca Raton, Fla.-based mobile technology developer and subsidiary of Humana, launched My Diabetes Guide, a 99-cent downloadable application for the iPhone and iPod touch that... Read more >
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