Philips Respironics FullLife compact full-face mask treats obstructive sleep apnea by covering both the nose and mouth; conventional forehead pad was eliminated to offer a clear line of sight newly... Read more >
Let me be the first to welcome you to Atlanta and Medtrade 2009! Both HomeCare and Medtrade have a rich history in the home medical equipment industry. As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of... Read more >
Chris Rice is looking at the value of Medtrade through the prism of competitive bidding. Like any other home medical equipment provider, the director of marketing at Diamond Respiratory Care in... Read more >
No, this isn't another reminder about becoming politically active, although I will get a plug in right here for doing so. Building relationships with your state and federal legislators is, of course... Read more >
Understanding the market is key to selling more aids to daily living, says Peter Shmagola, CEO, Parsons ADL, and the target consumer may not be as obvious as you think. Shmagola suggests the person... Read more >
When pursuing his PhD, Ken Dupin studied countries around the world and found they focus more on care in the home for their aging relatives and less on nursing homes. Dupin's research inspired him to... Read more >
A persistent obesity problem in America all but guarantees a growing need for bariatric equipment designed to support morbidly obese individuals. The question is, how can home medical equipment... Read more >
EZ-Access/Storage Scooter & Power Chair Pack durable water-resistant nylon pack; privacy compartments mesh sleeves for easy slip over the back of seat carrying handle for use as a portable tote... Read more >
BALTIMORE — In a list-serv message sent this morning, CMS' Competitive Bidding Implementation Contractor notified providers that registration is now open for the Round 1 rebid of the DMEPOS... Read more >
BALTIMORE — In a list-serv message this afternoon, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced the following timeline for the Round 1 rebid of Medicare's DMEPOS competitive... Read more >
“We have met the enemy, and he is us.” — Pogo, 1971 Earlier this month, Invacare CEO Mal Mixon reminded a bunch of us press folk of this famous quote from Walt Kelly's legendary... Read more >
Every year, 700,000 people in the United States are confronted by new or recurrent strokes, and many have to relearn everyday tasks. Professors and students from the University of Texas at Austin and... Read more >
It's been 16 years since Congress passed the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill. In that time, home care providers have helped a lot of seniors and made a profit, a win-win in today's battered HME market... Read more >
Universally acknowledged, hyped and anticipated, the demographic group known as the baby boomers is out there, and sellers of orthopedic soft goods are eagerly awaiting their arrival. If you happen... Read more >
The wound care market is in the spotlight, and it is no wonder. The cost of treating wounds is on the rise and is a significant portion of health care expenses. According to a new report by Epicom... Read more >
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