The Hubscrub Co. Model 20/70 fourth generation mobile automated cleaning and infection control system larger wash chamber; disinfectant-only application; over 500 disinfectant cycles with one gallon... Read more >
Diabetes statistics are still staggering, and they show no signs of losing steam. Like so many other booming medical categories, CMS put mail-order diabetic supplies on its competitive bidding list... Read more >
HomeCare has published any number of articles on the promise of retail in HME. I know, because I've either written or contributed to a lot of them. So has Jack Evans, one of the industry's... Read more >
The first-month sales at a new retail home medical equipment business in Walnut Creek, Calif., were $20,000. Another new retail HME location in Lynchburg, Va., sold $1,400 one of the first days it... Read more >
For an HME company that provides products and services to patients covered by Medicare and Medicaid, marketing is guided by federal statutes and regulations that protect and guard the integrity of... Read more >
Among the effects of our current societal focus on health care has been more awareness of health-related costs. In the case of orthopedic softgoods, this trend is evidenced by a consumer who tends to... Read more >
Asa Products Mobo Shift single-speed, three-wheeled cruiser with a reverse gear for easy backwards movement; easy-to-use gear shift that, once engaged, requires only pedaling in reverse dual-... Read more >
We'd had the reservations for months. My whole family was getting together. We'd picked out a great condo right on the beach. We would be there to watch the fireworks sparkle down on the waves July... Read more >
Freedom Concepts Discovery Series DCP 12 mobility device allows young, special needs individuals to experience a bike ride; quick release mechanisms allow device to adapt easily from one rider to... Read more >
The kick-off at VGM Group's Heartland Conference was its traditional hog roast and fireworks. But there was a lot more going on at the annual event, held June 7-10, and most of it was all about... Read more >
Invariably every couple of years, a touring company of “Annie” comes to town. It's hard not to be hopeful listening to the newest red-headed orphan belt out the venerable show tune that... Read more >
"It's not your typical call," says Andy Simmons Jr., vice president of field operations for Atlanta-based Cornerstone Medical. Not by a long shot. On April 28, the respiratory provider got an urgent... Read more >
GF Health Products Lumex Patriot Liberty Bed Rail Line improved rail design decreases spacing between the crossbars, reducing the risk of entrapment new rail length closes open areas that can occur... Read more >
I am all for getting rid of Medicare fraud and abuse. I understand what a problem it is across every part of the program. (Some time ago I ran across a scheme that involved fraudulent brain... Read more >
During my now 30-plus years of experience in the home medical equipment industry, I have had the pleasure of visiting many HME companies either as a manufacturer's rep (early in my career), billing... Read more >
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